Mid Autumn Festival on the last day of the national railway is expected to send visitors 9 million 4-candy candy

The Mid Autumn Festival holiday the last day of the national railway is expected to send 9 million 490 thousand passengers – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 17 (reporter Qi Zhongxi, Fan Xi) reporter from the Chinese railway company was informed that on the 17 day, the national railway is expected to send 9 million 490 thousand passengers, is expected to add 388 passenger trains. September 16th, the national railway passenger 7 million 820 thousand passengers, an increase of 39 thousand passengers, an increase of 0.5%, the national railway transport order. The Shanghai Railway Bureau sent 1 million 465 thousand passengers, the Guangzhou Railway Group sent 1 million 80 thousand passengers, Beijing Railway Bureau sent 765 thousand passengers. The 17 day is the last day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the national railway ushered in return peak passenger flow. Shenyang Railway Bureau is expected to send passengers 950 thousand passengers, an additional 22 pairs of passenger trains, mainly in Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun, Baihe River, Shanhaiguan and other popular tourist direction. Harbin Railway Bureau additional 30 pairs of passenger trains, and the additional number of new train bureau. The typhoon "Meranti" effect, the Guangzhou Railway Group and Nanchang Railway Bureau to take the train speed, outage, circuitous and other measures to ensure the safety of passenger travel, the Nanchang Railway Bureau is currently on the severely damaged Xinglin bridge railway emergency repairs, and adjust the train running scheme of XiaMen Railway Station 16 to 25 days. The railway sector prompted the majority of visitors, affected by the climate information part of the train will have corresponding changes, please pay attention to the 12306 railway stations or information website announcement promptly; through the Internet, telephone booking has been successful but not passenger tickets, please try to collect the tickets in advance, so as not to rush for the tickets to delay the trip.相关的主题文章: