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The misty poet Wang Zhihuan Beijing Tang Dynasty poet Wang Zhihuan’s poem is not much, but as the frontier poets name almost wurenbuxiao. Where a primary school Chinese, read for its status in the history of literature ": the" stepping upon the stork and MAGPPIE tower the sun sets behind the mountain, The Yellow River seawards flows. For a thousand miles, a higher level. And "Liangzhou word": the Yellow River is far on the clouds, a lonely city maninsan. Qiangdi why blame willows, spring breeze of Yumen Pass. As for the fans of classical literature, also known as the Tang Dynasty must have heard of the literary world, Wang Changling and Wang Zhihuan had received high fitness "flag pavilion wall" story. However, the fine test, but found that such a well-known poet is very few historical data, a handful of records are not accurate, it is like falling fog. Two Tangshu no audio transmission, the "new book of Tang poetry? The Yiwenzhi" records, Tang and Song Dynasties literature rarely recorded, even in the Song Dynasty private bibliography of his poems cover and contain everything no record. In the case of almost no works handed down, the poet’s name was also a floating down the road. To the Qing Dynasty, Cao Yin editor of the "Tang poetry" included his works six. These six pieces of Wang Zhihuan’s literary history. However, the author of the "signature" stepping upon the stork and MAGPPIE tower has been controversial. The existing ancient books, the poem first appeared in the Mid Tang Dynasty Tingzhang Rui editor "Guoxiu Ji". According to research, the "country" is Rui Tingzhang should show the Secretary of the prison Chen Xilie, the son of secretary Su Yuan Ming proposed series of industry. Su Yuanming famous in the Tang Dynasty, Du Fu and the years of intersection of the more than thirty years, one of the "sad poems", which is made by the author of the book of songs of the year of the year of the year, is one of the most important works of the poems of the year of the year eight. Han Yu as "Tang Dynasty world, Chen Ziang, Su Yuanming, Li Bai, Du Fu, yuan and Li Ming can begin with the view." "In the show" open series about in Tianbao twelve years, Rui Tingzhang spent about seven to ten years of extensive collection of the poem, "the book of Yu Xue, and Zhu Chishui, net works officials, civilians, hermit, the first selected 220. Which included the Wang Zhihuan signed "Liangzhou word two" (another song is "in North blowing clouds" and "feast" (words), and the green long causeway spring) "the sun sets behind the mountain" in the poem "delou" name to the name of Zhu Bin ". The status of Wang Zhihuan, is the official, Zhu Bin is famous for poem on civilians; Zhu Bin, a little-known, not with Wang Zhihuan and Wang Zhihuan from the book mentioned in the same breath; died not far from the Wang Zhihuan family alive, high fitness and Wang Changling alive, Du Fu, Su Yuan Ming, poetry preface Lou Ying also alive, it is hard to imagine them this will allow Tingzhang Rui masterpiece the wrong person. Because there has always been a sign of controversy, "poem" included the consideration of the two authors, in volume 203 of the income of Zhu Bin "delou", marked "an audio poem", in the name of the audio volume 253 "income" marked "a stepping upon the stork and MAGPPIE tower, Zhu bin poetry". He also pointed out that this poem is to offshore and not suitable for guanquelou. Another song works "the Yellow River is far on the clouds" no signature disputes, the fate of many seemingly gentle. The legend of Empress Dowager Ci Xi saw less of a "between" copy of the fan on the throne a calligrapher, a calligrapher not bully her culture and rage, cut off the calligrapher who.相关的主题文章: