Most of the northern part of the North China will continue to have a low temperature haze weather 爱多vcd

Most of the temperature in the North continued downturn in North China tomorrow will have the haze weather – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 23rd news (reporter Zhu Hongyuan) according to the China voice of the "national network news" reported, affected by cold air, some of China’s northern region continued large cooling. In addition, the next week, haze returned to North china. Today (23 days) the typhoon "hippocampus" effect near the end, East China rainfall will be significantly reduced; in the north, the cold air is still the "home court", is expected today and tomorrow, North China in the eastern region will be affected by the cold air, to a large area of cooling, and the temperature will remain in a a very low level in most parts of North China are at 15 DEG C or below, the northeast region of Eastern Inner Mongolia, is less than 10 DEG C. In addition, from 24 onwards, the eastern part of central North China air pollution spread gradually poor conditions, there will be fog and haze weather. China Meteorological Bureau Meteorological Center Engineer Liu Chao said: "from the start tomorrow diffusion conditions in North China gradually deteriorated seriously when reached No. 25, No. 25, including Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to the south in the north of the south, there will be mild to moderate haze." But overall, the situation of No. 26 appeared frequently in the cold air, fog and haze situation will soon be eased. 26 there will be a weak cold air in the middle of North China, including Beijing, Tianjin in the case of weak cold air will gradually dissipate completely, have to wait until 27. In addition, there will be heavy fog in the above 24 parts of the night to number 25. 24 during the night of day 25, southern Beijing, central and southern Hebei along the mountains, there may be a heavy fog to the public travel impact.相关的主题文章: