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Nanada Mayumi Chinese the station in Guangzhou, open scientific parenting journey – the morning of November 5th, seven Sohu mother, Tian · Deputy General Manager, research and education, seven Tian · Institute of life education director Ms. Nanada Mayumi 2016 China trip and international expert scientific parenting Exploration Tour first stop to visit Guangzhou, seven Tian Zhen Guangzhou R & F International Education Center of Haizhu City, brought a field full of dry cargo international seminar for parenting parents in Guangzhou! At the same time officially opened a week of scientific exploration of children’s journey. Nanada Mayumi, Tian · seven; Institute of educational research, seven deputy general manager Tian · Education Institute Director Tian seven life natural food corporation president of American Life Sciences Institute certified member of Ms. Nanada Mayumi has unique insights and research for scientific parenting, molecular integration based on the principle of medical attention, fetal period to 6 years old children, the natural food, natural therapy, safety supplies and other series of research, the development of preschool education, family health, family food education, the combination of the three modern child rearing pattern. Has published "Happy Education" right to pregnant at the age of 3, much like the Japanese parents. As one of the seven fields, really excellent heritage, Ms. Nanada Mayumi has repeatedly come to Chinese, the scientific parenting journey to visit Guangzhou, Shenzhen, mainly Xiamen, Nanjing, Shanghai five city seven Tian Zhen International Education Center, in addition to the teaching guidance, but also with the "seven field" loyal fans carry out face-to-face parenting communication and interaction, the quality of the seven field type to more China Parents Parenting philosophy. The parents of Nanada Mayumi and Guangzhou photo? Parents fan meeting carried out during the Nanada Mayu scholar beauty focus on "how to open the core theme of" innate wisdom of children, for up to four hours of parental communication with parents on site. The fans were enthusiastic, enthusiastic questions, Ms. Nanada Mayumi one for the parents of parenting and parenting problems for them to provide scientific and professional solutions. Parents question 1: the baby two years old, poor language skills and slow reaction, to participate in the course of the seven really good for her language training? ? Ms. Nanada Mayumi: children can’t use language to express, slow response may be normally listen to less, say less; another reason may be the usual parents instill in him too much contents, children can not be content to crawl, reaction ability to keep up. Seven field which has a flash card really teaching training courses, not only to strengthen the brain memory capacity of children, but also continue to stimulate the child’s language center, and thus stimulate the interest of child language expression, enhance children’s response ability. Question 2: parents? 2 years old baby eat special attention not only to sit, 3-5 minutes began running around, still keep going up. Every time I asked him to be strict and quiet to eat, but his father said that the child is still small, not so severe, to.相关的主题文章: