Nanjing, a new housing estate is not delivered to more than a building into a bandage floor-660003

Nanjing affordable housing new premises not delivered more buildings into new homes not delivered cellmulti bandage floor building "the quality problem of bandage floor house there are frequent acceptance certificates in the demolition for more than 7 years later, in April this year, Nanjing Jiangning kylin Street affordable housing Jiuxiang Nga owners finally got a new house. This is a happy thing, but recently they would not be happy, just to get the house are frequent quality problems, some Water Leakage appeared in many cases, some of the building exterior wall is "text" on all kinds of irregular stripes, because it looks weird, dubbed the "bandage floor". And other facilities within the district also appeared a variety of problems. In this regard, Kirin street, said they also received a lot of complaints, are paying close attention to maintenance. Just got a new house only to repair seven or eight wall seepage Jiuxiang Nga affordable housing, is located in Nanjing Jiangning District Qinglong Street jiabian kylin yuan, a total of more than a dozen small high-rise buildings. This land on the construction of the project, Nanjing Unicorn Street development company responsible for. According to the relevant planning, the project is divided into A, B two plots, separate tender, there are two different construction units. Mr. Kim lives in Jiuxiang Nga Court B block 18 building 11 floor, in the demolition of more than seven years later, in April this year, he finally received the new key, then he found his house, there is a big problem — the external wall seepage. "The key to take over from the property, found here leakage, then find the property, he also for you to repair, but repair seven or eight times still Water Leakage, not decoration." Mr Kim said that the walls and roof of these yellow patches are leaking after the repair, but it is useless to fill up, or leakage. For some consideration, Mr Kim is not decoration, house long idle here, "even after the Water Leakage decoration, decoration as long as the property that is not Water Leakage if they are responsible for the maintenance, but the decoration and Water Leakage it, they will not be responsible." The intersection of the reporter saw, Mr Kim’s living room near the window on the wall for a long time, leakage, wall has color, because of Mr. Kim’s house is on the top floor, the roof of the living room for long term leakage formed several pieces of mildew, more let Mr Kim’s annoyance, he originally wanted to decoration, decoration can only be delayed indefinitely time limit. And the king’s house, the home of 16 Tung Yao home also encountered the same problem, when it rains, he will find traces of water seepage on the west wall of the living room and bedroom, let it just decoration end. He was very angry. "The first place to leak a piece, I have a picture of the previous leak of a piece, I reported on the property, the property said that looking for developers, developers will use glue on the outer wall suddenly." Yao said. The new residential building into a multi undelivered bandage floor intersection of reporters in the district interview, they encountered four or five reflect the same problem, all residents, residents of households in the home side, many residents of the home wall appeared in the seepage problem, each reflecting a development company to find maintenance workers in the walls, so a few months, they were surprised to find that these new residential buildings are not delivered before the walls have been covered with traces of repair, they dubbed called bandage floor". From afar, bin相关的主题文章: