National auto show opening two days to welcome the 70 thousand visitors is expected to welcom rainism

Guobo show opening two days to welcome 70 thousand visitors to   expected over the weekend will usher in the peak flow channel — Hubei — original title: Guobo show opening two days up to 70 thousand visitors to the seventeenth Wuhan International Automobile Exhibition opened in the past two days, the number of visitors entering a total of 70 thousand, in line with expectations. 13 days, Wuhan traffic police booth, police vehicle and on-site public positive interaction, to answer the public about the chariotest pipe business consulting; illegal processing terminal GovHK on-site staff to show you how to deal with traffic violations, less than 1 minutes, a member of the public traffic violations dealt with under the guidance of the staff refer to good, convenient". 15 days to 17 days, Wuhan police will continue to carry out a series of activities such as traffic management services: 15, mobile vehicle will live at the show to the public for chariotest pipe business; 16, the traffic police will be on site to accept public consultation, the intelligent traffic situation; Wuhan police "safe and civilized travel" a station in the end Zhishijingda activity will be in the afternoon of 15, 16, 17, on the afternoon of the game, a total of five exhibition site to answer PK answer, players from the online collection activity and on-site registration in public. At the same time, set the "civilized travel safety driving" million signature initiative to call for the wall, everyone personally practice safe driving. Expected on Saturday, the day will usher in traffic flow peak, the number of single day approach will break 100 thousand. The fast channel parrot Avenue Subway Line No. 6 Hanyang District, Han new avenue four new cross section of Yang Si Hong Kong railway overpass engineering construction has not yet completed his construction along the road traffic pressure. In particular, the parrot Avenue waist embankment to the national center along the Bo is not recommended public access. Traffic police to remind people to take public transportation, to the peak. (reporter Xia Jing correspondent Huang Wei) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: