New Jersey train derailment the United States advanced transportation system questioned 高达08ms小队

New Jersey train derailment America traffic system advanced degrees questioned the picture from the visual Chinese article / Kang Road from New York September 29, 2016 early morning peak period, from the state of New York millet (Spring Valley) originating station No. 1614 train, arrived in New Jersey at 8:38 Hoboken station (Hoboken), crossed the track at the end of the buffer stop (bumper stop), rushed into the station, the station building collapse cause. More than a few passengers followed by social media, said in the pit, the vehicle did not slow down, questioned the train operator or the presence of operational errors. Since then, 17 years working experience in railway freight company staff Blaine (Williame Blaine) said in an interview, in order to deal with possible human errors in the running of the train, the train often have multiple security measures. For example, if the driver suddenly suffered a heart attack, the automatic braking system will be turned on, and the train will be forced to stop. But according to the active braking system of New Jersey traffic bureau this month’s update (Positive Train, Control, PTC) the installation process showed that the system is not installed train accident. Currently, the investigation is still underway, the conductor has not yet appeared in public. Chris, governor of the state of New Jersey, · (Chris Christie) at a press conference in the afternoon, said the car accident killed at least one person was killed and nearly a hundred people were injured in the. The Chinese Consulate General in New York, said the verification to 1 Chinese citizens were injured in the accident, the injured have been in hospital for initial treatment, no life-threatening. "I rode the train into the station at full speed," after the accident, the account number of Jaydanhy users in the social media, said, "I rode the train rushed into the station". The account for Chris Lantero users on social media, said the station is currently a mess. The train crossed the platform and burst into the station." At the same time the user with a photo display train crashed into the station, the station, the station at the top of the partial collapse of a large number of wires, bare. Passengers Leon Offengenden told the media that he was sitting in the third carriage, the lights suddenly went out, people started screaming, "I don’t think the train was slowing down, when I stepped off the train, saw the first car crashed into the wall." While the passenger Bhagyes Shah said that when he was at the end of the first car, suddenly hit, "all the people from the ground, I knocked on the ground. I wanted the car to stop, but I didn’t. The car keeps on running, as if it’s going to last forever." Train accident did not install the active braking system while New Jersey train derailment incident is still in the investigation, but the train did not install the "active braking system" (Positive Train, Control, PTC) of the information disclosure, the United States Department of traffic administration placed in the teeth of the storm. A new generation of active train control system (Positive Train Control, PTC), in the upper world.相关的主题文章: