Ningbo more than 300 years old tree root damage and the construction of the

Ningbo 300 years old roots damaged doubt and park construction related to the hillside walk along Village Road, the reporter saw the excavator travel very obvious signs, the soil mixed with a variety of trees, including Torreya tree. This trace was a 1 meters wide cement road, now 5 meters wide road. Reporters noted that this dirt road rubbed 3 trees 300 years old after the roots of trees of Torreya, have been exposed in the mud outside, part of the roots have adult arm thick as above can clearly see the crushed and Waduan traces, the street is also littered with broken roots and branches. One of the branches of an old tree has a new crack, the outer part of the bark has been scraped off. In addition to trees, the reporter saw the number of trees more than and 10 years of maple, laurel uprooted, scattered on the roadside. Part of the construction site close to the ancient reporter saw at the scene, the construction site close to the ancient trees, part of the construction site is close to the old trees. Reporters see old brand, are marked above age 300 years, belong to the two level of protection. According to the "Ningbo old trees protection management measures" article eighth, wood and one or two protected trees, the protection area of not less than 5 meters beyond the vertical projection of the crown; three protected trees, the protection area of not less than 3 meters beyond the vertical projection of the canopy trees; reserve resources, the protection area of not less than the crown the vertical projection of 2 meters. In the ruins of a residential building, the reporter met a number of workers are cleaning up debris. "Here to build trees Park, so to clean up several houses and village, the whole space, build new facilities." Worker representation. However, for some of the old tree root damage, the other said I do not know. The reporter saw the sign Mao Huocun Park in Mao Huocun built trees at the entrance. Specify the sign, in the construction process, should minimize human intervention, will use the plank way in the internal through, reflect the ecological and wild village. According to the plan, Mao Huocun will be built in four areas, respectively for the mountain ecological viewing area, the ancient village sites, leisure landscape areas and protected areas. In addition, the old park will also configure the relevant facilities to facilitate visitors to rest play. The damaged ancient trees in the ecological landscape of the ancient park planning. The relevant departments will investigate the matter as soon as possible: last year, Mao Huocun trees encounter pests, causes the people to pay attention to. Subsequently, the forestry department, Zhang Shui Zhen staff made a timely rescue. In order to better protect the group of trees of the old trees park construction better, to solicit the views of all parties, chapter through various channels. Last year, the reporter in the interview with Zhang Shui Zhen Town, the relevant responsible person said, as part of the four mountain scenic area construction, Mao pan will become a whole group of trees trees park. During the interview, the reporter met a few to Mao Huocun play tour pal. This should increase the protection of the Mao Huocun group of trees, but now it appears the root damage phenomenon, the existence of Mao Huocun barbaric construction? Tour pal doubt. They told reporters that Mao Huocun construction has been a long time, the end of the month on the way here, a few residential construction scattered on the hillside, and in recent weeks,"相关的主题文章: