Niugu roadmap exposure will usher in a Kim Gu market misao

Niugu roadmap exposure A shares will usher in the "Kim Gu" market? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you said since the count of stock contest points out 60 million – reporter Wang Zhuying in July, a slow and steady "eat the market once again to verify the effectiveness of the adage" five poor six seven turn ", August" food market "in front of a pressure argument for the evolution of the" grab food market". To September, many industries usher in the traditional peak season, A shares will usher in Kim Gu market? Analysts believe that if the good volume, the market outlook is expected to continue the rally. But obviously the market trend of converting reproduction, in most cases will be in shock state test for investor confidence. "Heavy stock, light index" is still a good strategy, review report Niugu, the circulation is small, the concept of restructuring by funding concerns. Niugu frequent newspaper market as of August 31st, the report of listed companies has been fully completed, Shanghai and Shenzhen two scheduled to usher in a wave of the newspaper market, but the market in 3100 near the stop. In the market on the occasion of whirling, heavy stock, light index "has become the leading investment strategy. Review since July 1st stocks before and after the performance, the emergence of a lot of bull. Excluding this year new stocks and stock suspension, a total of 1775 stocks rose, accounting for 66.11%. Among them, more than 30% of the increase in the stock of 129 over the same period, the Shanghai Composite Index rose only 5.5%. From the plate distribution, the 129 stocks rose more than 30%, from building decoration stocks up, up to 12, followed by the chemical sector, there are 11 stocks from bio pharmaceutical and light manufacturing sector stocks each 9, car plate and electrical equipment sector has 8, the real estate sector 7, integrated plate, non-ferrous metal plate, building materials, utilities, communications have only 6, the rest of the commercial trade, food and beverage, household appliances and other 11 plates each dedication 1-5 niugu. From the circulation of the stock market point of view, most of the circulation is small, the 129 stock average number of shares of 764 million shares, 1 billion shares in circulation within the stock up to 103, the minimum circulation stock is four new material, only 21 million shares, is the largest Jun Group, 7 billion 373 million shares. Look from the concept, the concept of restructuring the most easy to get funds favor, among the highest gainers stocks are restructuring stocks, won the champion and second place are Xinhai shares, large chemical industry, during which gains were 127.05% and 110.05%. Followed by China pharmaceutical, horizon shares, or in the vicinity of 95%. From the shareholders, the Central Huijin figure 32 stocks in the bull stock in the top ten shareholders of circulation, many stocks are already involved in the Central Huijin shares, in the rally, many stock price hit a new high, make contributions to the organization and even deadlock fuying. For example, since June 30th, 49.88% of the increase in land science and technology, the highest yesterday, up to 26.99%, a record high. In the 2015 year of the相关的主题文章: