Nobel prize winner, the representative of the work of the imprisoned mind, hardcover version of the ca4111

Nobel literature prize winner, the masterpiece of the imprisoned mind, is listed on the 1980 book of the year, the winner of the Nobel prize for literature in the history of the world. He is a representative of the Chinese people’s Republic of China in the year of. He has a high reputation in the Chinese world. Since the launch of the paperback edition received warm response in various media list. The launch of a hardcover commemorative edition, Poland edition of the income included in the postscript, "literary commemorative edition" series. The most famous works of Milosz, is "imprisoned" mind and autobiography "Milosz dictionary", which is critical, "pent up mind" is particularly prominent, but also an important driving force for readers of Milosz and his works. In a sense, Milosz’s "imprisoned mind" is more and more significant than George Orwell’s "1984". The Orwell prophecy fiction, Orwell in the UK, and no experience of Russian totalitarianism, did not see how it is to grow out from within a society. In fact any is called "freak" thing, all is not just outside, "implanted", but has its own history, culture and human nature of the deep. "1984" focuses on people under external pressure and great fear, thought how deformation, completed the process of subordination and obedience. Milosz wrote in 1951 this focus on how these people starting from their own situation, and difficult personal ambition, consciously into strong force, eventually become a part of the pressure. The book is the author experience what one sees and hears. Hardcover edition adds the Poland version of the preface and postscript, a wonderful interpretation of the title and text, to better understand why Milosz referred to. Hardcover edition included in the "literary monument" series. [author] title: books information mind imprisoned: (Poland) Czeslaw · translator: Milosz Ulam Yi Ali Jun ISBN: ISBN 978-7-5495-7005-8 published: September 2016 price: 56 yuan Guangxi Normal University press binding: hardcover author profile · Milosz (Czeslaw; Czes? Aw Mi? Osz) Poland famous poet, essayist and historian of literature. Born in 1911 in the first Republic of Poland, Lithuania. During World War II in Warsaw engaged in anti fascist activities. After World War II, served in the Ministry of foreign affairs of Poland, he served in the United States and France Embassy in Poland as cultural Commissioner and first secretary. In 1950, the passport was revoked and the political exile was chosen. First obtain the right of abode in france. In 1960, he was invited to be a professor at University of California, Berkeley, and settled in the United States since 1961. Poland was awarded the yagaiwo University and Harvard University, Italy University of Rome nearly ten world famous universities and various honorary doctorate medal. In 1978 by the vulgar little Nobel prize called Nuosidate International Prize for literature. In 1980 he won the Nobel prize for literature, the Swedish Academy Award for his words said: "on all of his own creation, with profound uncompromising revealed the full of violent conflicts encountered in the world threat." 2004 8.相关的主题文章: