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Careers-Employment Conventional recruitment software had to be loaded onto a computers hard drive or a server. Online recruitment software runs on the cloud and works with all PC’s, Apple Macs, laptops, android devices, tablets smart and Google TVs, irrespective of the operating system. As long as the device uses the internet (has an internet browser), it will be able to run online recruitment software. This is because the program and data are not stored locally but are on the cloud. An easy way to understand this is to think of a short word document saved on an office computer, and the text is also cut and pasted into an e-mail. The original word document cannot be easily accessed when the user is out of the office, however they can access the text sent by e.mail, using any computer or mobile internet device with a browser e.g. Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc., typically finding the e-mail in the drafts or sent folder. The text has been stored on the cloud and so can be accessed anywhere at any time. The program used to write, save and send the e-mails is also on the cloud. Conventional recruitment software required a hard drive; because online recruitment software is on the cloud, internet devices without a hard drive can be used. When a recruitment executive is out of the office they can easily access online recruitment software from their tablet or mobile device. Recruitment software should place people at the core of every stage in the recruitment process. It must be capable of processing large amounts of information and there should never an upper limit to the number of ‘people in the database’. Using innovative technology, online software has a comprehensive range of easy to use features and functions, giving the user a rich experience and simultaneously supporting established working processes. It is also supportive of the clients preferred working methodology. The overall result is to improve the efficiency of recruitment consultants, ensuring the long term success of their companies. Efficient and effective recruitment is about making a significant number of contacts and the ability able to quickly and accurately evaluate records (within a large database) that identify the candidate of the highest calibre that is both suitable for the position and is available. Pay as you go and other features Online recruitment software is both scalable and cost effective and so can offer a flexible pay-as-you-go system. It can include features such as LinkedIn integration, CV parsing, automated workflow, multi user diary, Boolean searching, Mac and PC compatibility, web enabled ‘bulk mail outs’, SMS integration etc. It should include searching for available candidates and arranging interviews using a handheld device, tablet or even Smart TV anywhere, anytime. Conclusion The best recruitment software has to be the latest online recruitment software. It incorporates more features than conventional software, it is more cost effective and enhances productivity. The user never needs to be concerned that it is out of date because updates happen regularly on the cloud. Online cloud software also gives the recruitment professional the best user experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: