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Overseas funds to accelerate the layout of A shares of various funds frequently Hunters – fund channel / reporter Zhu Xianjia Yu Yong, editor of the Fed’s policy to "lights" frequently flashing, overseas funds are quietly layout of A shares, the continued inflow trend unabated. Goldman Sachs estimates that by the end of this year the Chinese market will have a 9% rise in space. The world ushered in the "repricing" era Wednesday afternoon, released in Japan’s central bank easing — new QQE offbeat news, Japan’s Nikkei index and the Topix index in a minute suddenly pulled close to a point, all day long the market rose more than 1.5%, the highest since July, the biggest one-day gain. After the Japanese Central Bank boots landing, the Fed on Thursday morning boots also landed. Although the Fed still does not raise interest rates in September, but the Fed’s voting pattern is quite rare: 3 members explicitly opposed to raise interest rates. Citigroup analysts pointed out that the fed any of the "hawks" wording will allow the market to reverse market pricing triggered at any moment. In the overseas market is in "policy fluctuation period" on the occasion, Goldman and other international giants began to see more A shares. Goldman Sachs chief Asia equity strategist from outside of said: "although Chinese economy credit expansion, overcapacity and other issues, but in the short term, we believe that China is a good, sustained upward transactions." Timothy believes that before the end of this year China is a very good market. Goldman bullish logical basis is cyclical economic recovery. The two quarter, China’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 6.7%, slightly higher than the median estimate of $6.6%, industrial added value and total retail sales of social consumer goods is better than expected. Many data are pointing to the fourth quarter of China’s economic recovery is obvious, which is the most substantial positive for the market. At the same time, the RMB exchange rate stabilization is also optimistic about the A shares of foreign capital continued a major factor. HSBC’s latest report lowered expectations of devaluation of the renminbi. The report notes that the U.S. dollar against the shore at the end of the year or hovering around 6.80, after the forecast is 6.90. Despite the recent frequent funds hunters A shares slightly deserted, but the various funds are frequent hunters. In September 19th, Taiwan’s first investment trust focused China Risheng A shares of small and emerging strategic equity fund officially launched, to raise the upper limit of NT $15 billion (about 3 billion 200 million yuan). Previously, I made it clear that to reduce malpractice in developed markets such as the U.S. investment proportion, and actively embrace the emerging market. In addition, A shares of funds from overseas transactions ETF inflows data, A shares on the ability to attract funds to improve significantly. BlackRock’s iShares based A50 ETF Chinese an index in the first 6 weeks of 2016 fell 22%, has recovered most of their losses, the decline narrowed to less than 3%. Fund price discount from the fund’s net assets from more than 16% a year ago narrowed to $5.5%. Goldman Sachs said in a report that China’s stock market in recent months, lagging behind the performance of the Asia Pacific market in addition to Japan and other emerging markets. Not only that, compared to the valuation of the stock market and the global emerging markets, but also has a D相关的主题文章: