Paraselene Mobile Games new role bursting with popularity of Ma Tianyu and little more with Lolita ca1810

Paraselene Mobile Games new role bursting with popularity of Ma Tianyu and little more Lolita when the prince wandered in to release a "-" to win the throne of Wuli, also let me go north "in the sky" in the nose turned protect her messenger ", and the baby are playing awfully. Many of the audience exclaimed, Tianyu Wuli gentle and patient, and small Lolita together picture of love. Recently, a "-" Mobile Games, also the new line of a small Lolita Meng Meng Da, she is the new occupation astrologer! In order to meet the Lolita Meng Da line, Wuli sky will also personally appeared in the game, wild flowers. Astrologers as bursting with popularity "-" Mobile Games fourth occupation, the astrologer airborne edge Syracuse triggered after numerous sought after game player. Single appearance has been a number of cute powder, smart eyes, elegant long hair, the shape of Kavai, Meng you face blood. Many game player have to create a new, more game player in a day to rise to 76, now up to more than 1 million 600 thousand. The astrologer’s popularity remarkable. Now go to the fantasy world, you will find the edge Syracuse has become Lolita paradise.   posture elegant wind skills do you think astrologers bursting with popularity only color value? That would be a big mistake. She will star the play to the extreme, is the most powerful power, when fighting posture elegant and gorgeous cool release skills. Don’t be her fragile appearance, any defense is a joke in front of her. Warrior, assassin and illusionist this ushered in a great opponent. Now enter the game, through the transfer card can suddenly become the new astrology.   Ma Tianyu "flowers" – "Mobile Games spokesman Wuli Tianyu called" EVA spree ", nature has added to the small Lolita astrologers favor. On the line to celebrate the new occupation, Tianyu Wuli appeared in the game in September 8th, in edge Syracuse for game player kuangsong game player who attracted the stampede in flowers. And have the opportunity to receive flowers to get Ma Tianyu’s autograph game player, "the new ronin". Allegedly, the many game player received flowers are small Lolita, thus the love of small Lolita Tianyu wuli.   a yen value and the strength of the Lolita astrologer, so you don’t want to love the new occupation experience? "-" fourth Mobile Games occupation has been on the line, the follow-up will be more exciting content. Get into the game, write your own songs. Addict.   sweep, attention "-" WeChat public welfare. (micro signal: yhhuancheng) on the "-" Mobile Games "-" issued by the Mobile Games silverside game development, is the official authorization genuine drama Mobile Games. The game is set in Guo Jingming’s novel of the same name, height reduction the empty beautiful story, the perfect interpretation of the spirit world, earth, the imaginary snow mountain from all walks of life between sm and. The magnificent magnificent scene, interactive novel and diverse gameplay, beautiful child heart dream drama, will bring a humbling experience. A silverside game silverside game is one of the most influential mobile gaming brand Chinese. Adhering to the "high efficiency, innovation, openness, integrity" concept, persist in innovation team silverside)相关的主题文章: