Parents do not help their children to correct the examination papers sent by the teacher criticized

Parents do not help their children to correct the test paper teacher sent text messages Criticism: I am disappointed – in the process of Ms. Cheng impression, change the paper has been a teacher. But since her daughter up to grade three, often take the papers home, parents have to finish correcting. Occasionally steal lazy, Ms. Cheng also received a text message sent by the teacher criticized. "Not a teacher correcting papers do?" Ms. Cheng put their doubts sent to the forum, attracted a lot of users concerned about the discussion. Confused: did not complete the "mission" was criticized Ms. Cheng said that every night she not only according to the requirements of the teacher’s daughter check homework, daughter home. Do the math exam, but also let the child correct, correct, also tired than go to work. Ms. Cheng is even more depressed, she corrected some papers, the child came back and said she corrects the wrong ", some of which are related to mathematical terminology, if not read, I do not." Ms. Cheng once stole a lazy, not correcting, circle the wrong topic changes, just sign the papers in the "completed", the teacher received a message: "I really felt a little disappointed, parents can’t take my task as" deaf ears ", if the assignment into this way, then the distance is big, too late to regret." This let Ms. Cheng very apprehensive, on the one hand she couldn’t let her see this message, on the other hand, she thinks he is not wrong, "this homework should not be the responsibility of the teacher? How to become a parent’s work?" Resonance: parents to change the case of non paper Ms. Cheng confused attracted many parents respond. Some parents understand that some parents can not accept. In fact, the parents to help change the exam is not an example, yesterday, the Chongqing Morning Post reporter interviewed five parents, the parents said to varying degrees have been asked for such a three. "I’m a little hard to actually Never mind, but afraid of child dependency. I found that whenever he met with difficulties, he was waiting for me to correct." Huang Jianxue science background, son of the third grade mathematics homework is a piece of cake, but thinking of the future to coaching his son write a composition is a headache. Another parent said, "I am not against school this approach, only the same problem means sure we explain to the children as the teacher is flexible, besides we at home will be the child’s mistakes is pointed out and corrected, so teachers know how children which lack of knowledge?" Parents Wang Yang more in favor of such an approach, she felt that although the parents will be very tired, but in fact, the child is helpful, the same problem can let the children review two times, which is helpful to them. Chief reporter Lin Qi said the teacher supervision should pay more attention to the parents of a primary school mathematics teacher used to check that, for this problem the parents reflect, he also feel very embarrassed. On the one hand, some parents are quite supportive; on the other hand, some parents do not understand, that the teacher is shirking responsibility. Luo said that to do so is to let their parents to participate in school education, to understand the child’s learning situation, thus a supervisory role in their work. Rooftop post.相关的主题文章: