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The Paris auto show the first exposure Citroen new concept car official figure before Citroen officially released CXPERIENCE concept car, the official figure, this new concept car will be Citroen’s next-generation flagship sedan ("administrative level" in the large car) it is reported that the prototype, the car will be officially unveiled in October this year the opening of the Paris auto show. CXPERIENCE concept car will be used as a prototype of Citroen’s next-generation flagship sedan, in appearance, the concept car body lines very elegant styling also adhering to the Citroen flagship model has unique hatchback structure. According to the introduction, the car body design uses the latest aerodynamic results. It is reported that the concept of the car body size length and width of 48502000 1370mm, wheelbase reached 3000mm. The concept of car styling exaggerated, front grille LOGO as the center of the front, the two sides show a divergent structure, unique visual effects. Each headlight is composed of three independent LED headlamps, rear auxiliary air inlet arranged in the air inlet, designed with speed adjustment of the flap, used to adjust the air flow velocity and flow, in order to improve the efficiency of the engine intake. The concept of the design of the rear end of the car and the echo of the design, both sides of the car is also designed to have V black decoration, taillights also after the art design of the "V" font. New car roof and rear windows using the same piece of glass, a sense of transparency and a stronger sense of technology. In addition, the concept car also used 22 inch wheels. CXPERIENCE concept car uses two fans on each side of the door open, no B column design makes the door open after the car full of sense of vision, passengers also become very convenient. In addition, the concept of the car using the 2+2 four seat layout, the seat of a full sense of science and technology. Concept car with a bright yellow interior, in the console, the inside of the door, seat and other details into the design of leather wrapped and wood mix. The new console modeling simple, single spoke steering wheel is designed in 1955 to pay tribute to the classic models of Citroen DS19 console 19 inch display screen display multimedia can be up to three kinds of vehicle information, the driver driving and entertainment do not interfere with each other. In addition, in front of the driver is also equipped with a fixed HUD head up display for the display of travel information. In addition, the Citroen CXPERIENCE concept car is also equipped with a panoramic video streaming, two vehicle rearview mirror and rearview mirror by HD camera replaced, it is reported that this will be the first in a future with new Citroen C3 streaming media system. CXPERIENCE concept car also intended to validate the latest Citroen Citroë n Advanced Comfort® "(Citroen advanced comfort) actual effect of the program, according to the program, the car for passengers to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, simulated natural light lighting and air purifier with fragrance and easy and intuitive the interface is to achieve this goal. Power aspect,.相关的主题文章: