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Business With the fast paced life of the metropolitan city the average working class heroes barely get any time to take care of their health. Due to the increase in pollution people are getting more exposed to health issues at a very young age. These two factors are contributing towards a matter of great concern which is the frequent health issues that people living in metropolitan cities are facing nowadays. This not only takes a toll on their personal life but it also affects their productivity which can indirectly affect an organizations and a countrys productivity. This has led to a surge in the number of diagnostics centres in Mumbai . Keeping this in mind Suburban Diagnostics Mumbai has come up with an employee wellness program called the Corporate Healthcare package which helps firms to keep a check on their employees overall health. Following are the facilities that are provided under this package: 1. Employee Wellness Benefits: Wellness is increasingly becoming part of the corporate agenda worldwide. Over 40% of corporate firms in India do not have any employee health checkup plans. 30% of employees suffer from lifestyle diseases related to obesity, diabetes and heart ailments. Almost 80% of the employees are prone to stress over mismatched income and aspiration levels. Over 40% spend Rs. 5000 per year on healthcare due to inadequate health schemes at work. Suburban Diagnostics is an expert in employee wellness by providing tailor made pre-employment and annual medical check ups, On-site health checks, health talks and coupled with lifestyle modification plans that will help reduce chronic lifestyle diseases in the corporate world and help add up to Rs. 17000 cr. to the national income by 2010. 2. Pre-Employment Check Ups: Pre-employment medical check up is required to cover occupational and safety hazards at workplace and to ensure that the selected candidate is medically fit for the job. – e.g.: a pt with TB in a call center, a cook with typhoid in a restaurant, an asthmatic as an AC mechanic, a color blind person in a clothing store, etc. It Includes: 1.Complete Medical/Physical Examination 2.Dental X Ray 3.Pathology Tests ECG SGPT (for Liver) HBsAg (Hepatitis) HIV (for AIDS) Cholesterol (for Heart) Creatinine (for Kidney) 4.Laboratory Investigations Complete Blood Count (26 parameters) Blood Sugar Fasting Urine Routine & Microscopy Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Blood Group & Rh Factor 3. Annual Health Check ups: Recent surveys have shown that companies that undertake employee wellness programs and do annual health check ups have better productivity, less absenteeism and an unmatched feel good factor. Suburban Diagnostics tailor made annual health check ups for companies and coupled with a complete lifestyle modification will ensure a holistic solution. These checkups include a wide range of tests for your body organs and different tests. Test for Osteoporosis, Employee Wellness Program, Cardiac Check Up, Ultrasound Center, New Born Screening, Pathology Tests, Dental X Ray, Test for Diabetes & Mammography. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: