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Paul is not old but the Clippers over six truth state will become the biggest risk for NBA a team of a film city of Angels: the Clippers staged "rescue" the little Jordan Tencent sports news August 31st (the Kevin Pelton ESPN, a freelance writer) Chris – Paul, Blake – Griffin and the Losangeles Clippers will do in the 2016-2017 season? Can they make a comeback after a traumatic season? Crawford and Chris – each year, we are waiting for the old age of, in May next year, he should be at the age of 31 by the end of the year, in the year of. When he struggled last November with a groin injury, people thought the day was coming. But Paul showed an amazing level of competition after the fall of Griffin. Paul will be able to allow talented teammates to participate in the game, but also to create their own shooting opportunities. Paul last season, the ball possession rate rose to 24.7%, this is since he joined the Clippers since. In the absence of Griffin in the game, his share of the ball is reached 28%, the highest career, but he did not reduce the score efficiency. Although the figure is not high, but Paul is a very efficient breakthrough hand, forcing the other from time to time to defend to mobilize the defensive players, resulting in the air when outside. Paul will be able to send 11 assists every 36 minutes, in the League of second. Paul is a very good defender, his career total of six time all defensive team, including five consecutive steals, his defensive a rate in fourth in all the players played more than 1000 minutes of time. Blake Griffin – after a summer break, Griffin’s injury should be good enough, but after the injury, Griffin style of play from the birds once more. Griffin’s dunk frequency over the past three years has been in decline, 2013-2014 season, the number is 14.2%, the 2014-2015 season is 8%, but only 6.3% last season. Last season, the clippers have 29.8% attack initiated by Griffin. More offensive opportunities means that Griffin’s singles have changed, and he certainly is a threat to the Pitcher (2 Ball 16 feet outside the hit rate of 38.9%) and a good passer (every 36 minutes and 5.2 assists). The defender will usually use the center position of the players to defend Griffin, pressing him with their height and arm span. As Griffin is in the middle distance, his offensive rebounding rate has been declining. But Griffin is still doing a good job on the defensive rebound, last season, the other side lost 22.3% of the ball was scored by Griffin, which is his best performance since the 2011-2012 season. When it comes to the cap, although Griffin bounce ability is good, but he is not a good box player, blocking ability in the middle and lower reaches of the power forward. De Andre – Jordan 2014-2015 season, Jordan won more space in the basket without Griffin, and he robbed the air relay also a lot less, but this time will pass. Last season in the absence of Griffin, Dan Cole was averaging 14.2 points and 14.4 rebounds,.相关的主题文章: