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PC is dead too exaggerated apple and why Microsoft has not given up the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks in Beijing on the evening of 31 WSJ points out that the personal computer (PC) dead rumors have been very exaggerated, perhaps is actually not so exaggeration. International Data Corporation (IDC) data show that in the past four quarters, PC sales fell by 8% year on year, lower than the previous year’s sales reached a peak of 28%. The reason why the market is pressed is that most consumers who want to have a computer already have a computer, and very few new machines. Those who do not have a computer can choose smart phones and tablet PCs and other cheaper, more convenient products. However, so far this year, the global PC sales of nearly 200 million units. So the market is still there, technology companies can not ignore. This is the two major technology companies apple and Microsoft are currently in the business to increase the intensity of the reasons. Last week, Apple Corp (AAPL) improved its MacBook Pro product line, adding a new touch interface to replace the traditional function keys. The day before, Microsoft (MSFT) released a new Surface Book notebook computer, and unexpectedly launched a product called Surface Studio’s new integrated personal computer – this is a high-end touch-screen computer, which starts at $3000. For a mature market, such a move is a little strange, especially the two companies have expanded their business outside of personal computers. Apple Corp 10 years ago formally put the word "computer" removed from the name of the company, shortly after the launch of the company’s core business has now become a iPhone phone. Microsoft last year to adjust the business sector, in order to highlight its rapid growth in the cloud business, and reduce concerns about the Windows business. However, both companies have strong Dali origin to maintain personal computer business, especially in the high-end field, the use of lightweight design and quality components of the product can be sold at high prices, and attract buyers. Gartner expects high-end mobile phone shipments will grow 11% this year. The market research firm expects that these products will account for 23% of all PC sales next year, up from about $15% last year. This is a good sign for apple. As of September 24th fiscal year Mac computer sales fell 10%. But according to Gartner data, Mac average selling price of about $1235, compared with the average price of the PC industry is higher than 87%. With the annual income of nearly $23 billion, only the Mac service itself in Fortune 500 (Fortune 500) ranking 123rd in the list. Although the business accounted for only 11% of Apple’s total revenue, but the Mac can be used as a key ecosystem in the company’s equipment ecosystem. It is worth noting that Apple’s iPhone and iPad in the past few years, Mac sales actually increased, although some people worry about these new 3相关的主题文章: