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Peugeot 3008   released a new official figure; will introduce home – Guizhou Channel – original title in 4008 released a new identity: the Peugeot 3008 official maps will be introduced according to the "Automotive News" reported in October 12th in the European version of the 4008 identity, in September opening of the Paris auto show, the Peugeot has launched the new 3008 and 3008 GT, respectively, the price 25900 euros (about 192 thousand and 200 yuan) and 41600 euros (about 308 thousand and 700 yuan). And the car will also be introduced into the domestic identity of 4008, and the domestic old 3008 sales together. Peugeot CEO Tang Weishi (Carlos Tavares) said, Peugeot new 3008 is a "unparalleled car", its sophistication is completely different from any previous French brands, can compete with high-end vehicles at the same level. Renault CEO Carlos Genn (Carlos Ghosn) also expressed the initial new 3008 model stunning. At the Paris auto show, Peugeot, President of Europe (Maxime Picat) also said similar words, the German automotive weekly Automobilwoche said, the car is not lost in the high-end car market Volkswagen Tiguan and BMW X1. At the press conference, Peugeot did not announce the sales target of the new car, but said it wanted to reach or surpass the 700 thousand sales of the old 3008 in the last 8 years. Since the domestic 3008 has just changed this spring, the car will be introduced into the domestic market with 4008 identity. The new Peugeot 3008 abandoned the outdated micro appearance, into a "just perfect" SUV. But the car is not all wheel drive, equipped with 1.2 liter gasoline engine and enhanced Grip Control multi Road Electronic adaptation system. Affected by the public "emission gate", Peugeot 3008 luxury GT will use 180 horsepower, 2 liter diesel engine, as well as 208 and 308 GT two-color car body to choose from. Peugeot plans to launch a new all wheel drive hybrid powered by oil and electricity in 2019. An electric motor will drive the rear wheel, and when the motor and the internal combustion engine are linked together, the front wheel can be supplied to the front wheel so that the whole wheel can drive the whole vehicle. And diesel hybrid 3008 will make a similar arrangement. 7 of the 5008 do not use all wheel drive, and the battery and the electric motor will be used in the third row seat. (commissioning editor: Gao Hua (Intern), Chen Kangqing) 标致发布全新3008官图 将以4008身份引入国内–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:标致发布全新3008官图 将以4008身份引入国内 据《汽车新闻》欧洲版10月12日报道,在9月开幕的巴黎车展上,标致曾推出全新3008和3008 GT,分别售价25,900欧元(约合人民币19.22万元)和41,600欧元(约合人民币30.87万元)。而该款车也将以4008的身份引入国内,和国内旧款3008一同销售。 标致集团CEO唐唯实(Carlos Tavares)称,标致新3008是一款“无与伦比的车”,其精巧程度完全不同于之前的任何法国品牌,能够和高端市场的同级车进行竞争。雷诺CEO卡洛斯 戈恩(Carlos Ghosn)也表示了初见新款3008模型的惊艳。而在巴黎车展上,标致欧洲总裁毕高诚(Maxime Picat)也说过类似的话,对德国汽车周刊Automobilwoche称,该车完全不输于高端汽车市场的大众Tiguan和宝马X1。 在发布会现场,标致没有宣布这款新车的销售目标,但提到了要达到或超越旧款3008在过去8年创下的70万辆销量。由于国内3008在今年春季刚刚改款,所以这款车将以4008的身份引入国内市场。 这款标致全新3008抛弃了过时的微面外型,打造成一款“恰到好处”的SUV。但该款车并不是全轮驱动,配备1.2升汽油发动机和增强型Grip Control多路况电子适应系统。而受大众“排放门”的影响,标致3008的豪华GT款将使用180马力、2.0升的柴油发动机,还有208和308 GT双色车身可供选择。 标致计划在2019年向市场投放一款搭载油电混合动力的全轮驱动新车。一个电动马达将驱动后轮,当马达和内燃机联动时,再供能给前轮,从而全轮驱动整车。而使用柴油混合动力的3008也将做出类似的安排。7座5008则不使用全轮驱动,电池和电动马达所在的空间将用于第三排座位。 (责编:高华(实习生)、陈康清)相关的主题文章: