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Premier: recommended converting escape away one disaster after another black – Sohu         start time: 2016-11-05 23:00       Saturday;;  ; disc 0.82 handicap: Bournemouth -0.75       Sunderland 1.04;;   European odds: 1.58 3.80 4.80         event analysis:    ;     officially started Saturday night Premier League eleventh round, Bournemouth outstanding in the play last season, many fans believe that this team will have better performance, but in Bournemouth at the beginning of the season will start to swallow the lose the first battle, the 3 game losing streak, but coach Eddie Hao quickly regroup in the seventh round, defeated the giants Everton team after getting better, nearly 5 round of the English Premier League made 2 wins 2 flat 1 negative record, the home court advantage in Bournemouth Is expected to gain another victory; since Jose Moyers took office, Sunderland in the Premier League in winless situation, leading the team currently only 2 points in the league in the countdown to the first, and Moyers in the last round overreact face suspension round to the referee for the poor performance of Sunderland is one disaster after another. I’m afraid the visited Dean court There is no escape from fate.             disk analysis:     plate for Bournemouth to make a ball ", with Sunderland at the lowest point, plus the other coach suffered suspension, this is Bournemouth lottery blitz, shortly after the capital injection, aocai for its rise disc to let a ball handicap, but note that the rise after the plate water level reached 1.10 super high water interval, the author thinks that the hanging wall in a deep dish to play difficult, the game still choose Bournemouth victory pattern.         2:1 3:2   prediction:       score prediction: 3 ball 5 ball         SMG Shengping Fu forecast: 3         SMG let the ball Shengping Fu (-1) forecast: 1相关的主题文章: