Private custom exclusive romance – Sohu eat and drink

Private custom exclusive romantic – Sohu and early winter, like a beautiful noble and reserved Princess dancing with her magic veil, quietly. With sparkling snow, the Westin Qingdao launched the "Winter Wedding" private custom exclusive romantic. In winter the main characteristic, collocation of fresh and elegant decoration, and magnificent, elaborate wedding banquet dishes, the hotel is committed to creating a perfect dream love melody, for guests present multiple enjoy wedding ceremony. Snow is a holy angel, it contained Xia batch, with a beautiful blessing coming. Snowflakes, drop from the clouds, copious and fluent, with a smile, a greeting. Winter, although charming spring summer spectacular birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, the lightning and thunder, autumn tempting fruits, but it has a subtle beauty of nature. The Westin Qingdao white curtain dream in the snow in winter, making love with different shapes of vines, beautiful floral show poetic atmosphere. Couples such as Green into the fairy tale beautiful wonderland, a dream wedding. Let the guests have a beautiful romantic experience, and comfortable sensory enjoyment. Wenstin hotel in Qingdao launched a winter wedding discount, 4999 yuan from the sale of each table (are subject to 6% service charge), enjoy the wedding night Wenstin deluxe suite accommodation, banquet of more than 300 people can be heavenly bed and bedding donated 18000 yuan worth of a set. At the same time, the hotel can also be customized according to the different needs of the guests, personalized wedding package, only for the better you. The hotel has more than 2000 square meters of wedding space, including 720 square meters of luxury column free banquet hall, 8 meeting rooms and a spacious banquet hall. Romantic crystal lamp, high ceilings and soft colors to create the perfect environment for the guests to the wedding day. The hotel is equipped with the most advanced facilities and wireless internet access, will redefine the wedding standards for the guests. Every detail of Wenstin’s wedding was moved from the delicious food, the rich characteristics of the site, to the scene of the lights, music and fragrance are carefully selected to reflect the unique style of the wedding. The hotel will arrange the wedding experts will ensure that the details of the wedding, in a relaxed mood, full of vitality and joy to celebrate. Food as an integral part of the wedding, the hotel will customize the menu according to the taste of the guests. The hotel offers a variety of wedding packages, including traditional Chinese dishes as well as delicious world cuisine. At the same time, the hotel also offers a unique restaurant to choose from. Flag taste restaurant, Asian and international cuisine delicacy innovation fusion, buffet and a la carte menu are used for cooking food to nourish the body, vitality, create interactive dining experience. The Cantonese restaurant Chinese elements and find everything fresh and new the traditional way of cooking dishes taste pleasure.相关的主题文章: