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Health For those who have seen the video replay of the ABC Primetime Report of Protandim from LifeVantage and .prehend the science are left wanting more data about the product and the .pany manufacturing it. Once you find out that there is a business opportunity behind it all that allows you a chance for once to really make something happen financially produces even more excitement. Yes there are difficult times ahead for all of us because of the economy and sometimes it seems that the world has .e to a screeching halt which only makes the creation of a .pany such as this even that more important. So for those who dont get or .prehend the importance of Protandim here is my attempt to shed some light on the subject. For the first time ever a test can be given to see the amount of oxidative stress produced in your body. This test is not so new. However what is new is that there now is an patented pill that lowers the oxidative stress levels in your body by 40% in everyone who takes the pill. Thisfall can be accurately assessed once someone has taken the pill for at least 2 weeks. Everyone has oxidative stress. The amount you have in your body determines how fast the inside of your body ages. Oxidative stress is a example of rusting in your body at the cellular level. Superoxide Dismutase is the enzyme that your body produces to eliminate your body of the burning and waste that is generated in your cells when you expose them to everything from oxygen to toxins. Food, alcohol, smoke and even sun light generate what is called Free Radicals which over time damage cells and cell tissue. Exercise and injurys to your body cause oxidative stress. Think of it as rust on a car or dirt in your engine. Your body uses an enzyme called Superoxide Dismotase which is produced at the cellular level and triggered by your DNA. Protandim has been medically proven to trigger your bodys ability to generate the necessary amount of SOD at the rate of 1 million to 1. So the bottom line is that for about $50 dollars per month you can reduce your oxidative stress to the level of a young teenager. There is no other .pany offering any type of pill that can .e close to making this claim. The science and research provided by Dr. Joe McCord relegates most every other product making anti aging or anti oxidant guarantees useless. Keep in mind that oxidative stress has been scientifically proven to lead to over 200 different deceases including cancer. So if high oxidative stress makes your insides age faster and harms your DNA which can lead to deceases and cancer, wouldnt it make sense to keep your oxidative stress levels low? The bottom line is that this is not a prescription drug and chances are your doctor still may not be aware of the peer reviewed articles. If you are the type of person a doctors permission for an aspirin you might consider sharing the ABCHealthReport.. video which will point him or her in the direction required for a re.mendation to Protandim . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: