Provide Help To The Environment – Planting A Tree-diying

UnCategorized To provide needed help to the environment one can proceed to plant a tree. Sound very simple and can be. However if you want to have a real impact there may be a better way. Many people discuss how to fight climate change and claim to have the solution to reduce global warming. They believe to fight global warming that simply planting a tree in their front yard will do the trick. I’m not saying it won’t help because it will do some. Every blade of grass, weed and tree provide carbon dioxide absorption the real question is how much. To plant a tree and think that it has solved a larger problem is just not considering the broader information. On average a dense wood tree planted in its eco-environment will provide the equivalent carbon offset of about 3/4 of the carbon produced by an individual in one month. This information is readily available through internet research. The next thing I would like to discuss when talking about providing help to the environment is habitat. Our ecosystem is a very dependent balance between plant and animal life. I believe a consideration when planting a tree is the overall help to the environment not just the satisfaction of doing something. If you were to go to the local nursery and buy yourself a tree to plant in your yard it is likely that there are some personal criteria you would consider. 1. looks – how will planting this tree in my landscape make it look 2. What size will it grow to be 3. How much maintenance Since I worked in a nursery I remember the questions. Very rarely is the correct question asked that will benefit the environment the most. 1. What tree will grow best in my environment and provide maximum habitat blending. Why is this important? Because a tree that grows at its maximum expected rate will generally absorb larger quantities of carbon dioxide. Unfortunately it is near impossible to restore for habitat without large tracts of land that can support numerous different indigenous species. Some actions produce greater rewards. I want to talk about maximizing our efforts. Sometimes it is more important to do the right thing than to satisfy our own sense of self gratification. For instance say you decided that you want to make the world a better place by planting a tree. Where are you going to plant it where it will do the most good and what kind will you plant? I like using this example – planting a Fir tree in Zambia is like fighting a war with a BB gun. Neither will have the impact desired. There is a solution to the dilemma and that is a plant a tree organization called Sow A Tree. Their mission is to plant trees in deforested areas and restore habitat while restoring native forest trees that will provide maximum environmental benefit. Cooperative approach may make the difference. I always encourage people to consider the best approach when landscaping their yards but if we really want to maximize the impact on the environment we should make our yards as green and nice as we would like. When it come to providing help to the environment do what you are going t o do at home but planting a tree with a tree planting company like Sow A Tree will enhance habitat and provide help to the environment we can’t do on our own. I can say it is a good thing there are companies out there doing the work that we all want to do. A small price is it to pay to help restore needed forests. If you would like to find out more about Sow A Tree you can at their website: We can make a difference that lasts… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: