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Real-Estate Internet accounts for nearly 92% of real estate searches for homebuyers while 51% of the home buyers found their dream homes online. Another huge contributor to these searches is the mobile devices mobile Internet searches for real estate amount to 44 percent. Studies also suggest that the number of mobile device users/ subscribers have already surpassed desktop users. These figures are an indicator to how real estate marketers need to leverage their current user engagement models in regards to the creation of a mobile-first environment. The idea is to stay ahead of the .petition by being aware of the latest technologies in the market and the best ways to implement them with their business processes. As the current device usage trends skew towards the smartphones and tablets, it is plausible to ensure that the real estate software solutions are available as mobile apps to the buyers, sellers or agents. We enlist the three advantages of deploying an iOS mobile application for leveraging real estate market presence. 1. Enhanced Efficiency: A mobile application provides users as well as realtors with options like calendar management, lead scoring activities and instant notifications, while presenting a consistent view of properties or leads at all times. 2. Enhanced Conversion Ratio: Managing leads or customers was never any easier. A real estate mobile application would enable agents to effortlessly manage and keep track of leads while on the move; they can also respond to queries and instantly connect with prospective clients. In addition, an intuitively-designed app with an interactive user experience ensures that users engage with the app, which in turn can increase the lead conversion ratios. 3. Enhanced Scope of Operations: An app presents a more personalized way of connecting to users and probable clients, presenting huge possibilities in improving the scope of services offered to the clients. Moreover, realtors can also tune into appointments, documents, meetings, events calendar or deal statuses all from a single window. A few core functionalities that an iOS app development .pany can integrate into a mobile application for real estate businesses are: 1. Mortgage payments calculator with the updated/ latest interest rates to instantly calculate 2. Optimized search feature to browse local listings, open houses, availabilities, and other related information effectively. 3. Location-specific searches using the in-built GPS sensor based on the users current location. 4. Virtual tour of properties while on the move. 5. Instant/ push notifications to users about new listing, open houses, auctions, etc. 6. Information sharing on their social media accounts directly from the application. As the smartphones transcend mere calling, texting or basic web browsing to assume a role equivalent to their desktop counterparts, the business units are also aligning their services for their mobile, tech-savvy subscribers. An iOS app development .pany can be extremely effective in designing an app that maps your real estate business and service offerings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: