Report technology industry mergers and acquisitions will slow down in 2016-incubus

Report: 2016 science and technology industry mergers and acquisitions will slow Sina Francisco afternoon of February 26th Beijing time news, the latest report of the New York science and technology market analysis company 451 Research released last year after the technology industry mergers and acquisitions will record in the coming months to cool. The driving force of most future transactions will be the trend of technology companies to continue the transformation of Xiang Yun computing, and the new data management needs brought by the Internet of things. The 451 Research report visited about 40 executives of software, hardware, semiconductors, security services and other Domain company development. Among them, 28% of respondents believe that mergers and acquisitions will be reduced in 2016. This is the highest percentage of forecast reduction since 2008. Only 31% of respondents believed that M & A activities increased. In 2015, the data was as high as 58%, while the share of mergers and acquisitions declined by only 6%. The report confirms that about 300 technology companies will become potential M & A targets in the coming year, with 13 unlisted companies plans for initial public offerings (IPO). But this figure is far below the level of 2015. Last year, the amount of mergers and acquisitions in science and technology industry exceeded 4000, reaching 597 billion US dollars, higher than the previous record of 40%. The report says that in addition to trading volume, 84 of last year’s technology acquisitions are worth more than $1 billion, the highest percentage in the last 10 years. Among them, DELL’s $67 billion acquisition of EMC has become the highest amount of transactions in the history of IT industry. Analysts said that the current view, the second half of last year’s outbreak of mergers and acquisitions is more like a sign of a new round of mergers and acquisitions into the end of the cycle. 451 Research said the technology industry was busy doing business before the economic growth expected to weaken. Business growth gradually reduced, enterprises feel that the future financial and economic situation will not continue the current situation favorable. Analysts say the pressure on mergers and acquisitions also includes a decline in the market capitalisation of new technology companies after IPO. Last year, the eight listed technology companies in the United States, half of the valuation declined after IPO, lower than the valuation level before listing. (Zhou Feng)

报告:2016年科技行业并购将放缓   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月26日下午消息,纽约科技市场分析公司451 Research发布的最新报告显示,科技行业经历了去年的并购记录之后,将在未来几个月内降温。未来大部分交易的推动因素将是科技公司继续向云计算转型的趋势,以及物联网带来的新的数据管理需求。   451 Research的报告走访了约40名负责软件、硬件、半导体、安全服务等领域公司发展的高管。其中28%的受访者认为2016年并购活动将会减少。这是自2008年以来,预测减少比例最高的一次。认为并购活动增加的受访者只有31%。2015年,该数据则高达58%,而预测并购量下滑的比例仅有6%。   报告确定,未来一年约有300家科技公司成为潜在的并购对象,有13家未上市公司计划首次公开募股(IPO)。但这个数字远远低于2015年的水平。去年,科技行业的并购交易量超过4000起,规模达到5970亿美元,高于早前记录40%。   报告称,除交易量外,去年科技行业收购交易中有84起价值高于10亿美元,比例为过去10年最高。其中戴尔公司670亿美元收购EMC成为IT业史上金额最高交易。   分析人士表示,目前看来,去年下半年的并购交易爆发更像是新一轮并购周期进入尾期的征兆。451 Research称,此前科技行业并购者忙于在经济增长预期走软之前完成交易。业务增速逐步降低时,企业感觉未来金融和经济形势不会继续当前局面有利。   分析人士表示,并购活动面临的压力中,也包括了新科技公司IPO后的市值下滑。去年在美上市的八家科技公司中,半数估值在IPO后下滑,低于上市之前的估值水平。(周峰)相关的主题文章: