Respecting and caring for the elderly has become a traditional Ningbo senior tourism market to

Respecting and caring for the elderly has become a traditional Ningbo tourism market in Ninghai occupy half of the country’s old university students show yesterday is the 99 Festival cheongsam, it is our country legal fourth months old section. In order to celebrate the festival, held in Ningbo to "landscape health, enjoy life Yongcheng" as the theme of the first long Cultural Festival ceremony held at Pan Tianshou square in Ninghai. Respecting and caring for the elderly has become traditional, Yongcheng silver tourism market has also ushered in a blowout. The reporter learned from the travel agency, senior tourism travel agency has occupied half of the country total business volume, the trend from the pursuit of "big and complete" to "slow and deep". Reporter correspondent Jiang Pan Ye Jia photo reporter Zhang Peijian longevity common man: good attitude, started the diet routine ceremony, Ningbo City Vice Mayor Lin Jingguo said that Ningbo has about 1300000 elderly people, to mobilize social forces to participate in the development of pension services, and constantly improve the quality of life of Ningbo elderly, elderly people to enhance a sense of happiness and gain a sense of "really old, it was caught, the old things have one tube, difficult people to help the elderly, the elderly continue to enhance the sense of happiness and sense." Ninghai university students at the launching ceremony of the choir, the most beautiful sunset red, as well as national dance, fashion show and other exciting events won the audience applause. In the fashion show Uncle Li, 65 years old this year, he told reporters, after the retirement of his amateur life is colorful, very happy, did not retire, the living arrangements of full point, usually I also play table tennis, dancing to the old university, a step of fashion. Good attitude feeling more refreshed." A good attitude, happy life is the longevity of the elderly common secret. In Ninghai County Yuelong streets water Jiao Ling, 104 year old Yan Chunhua holding the reporter’s hand, and we chatted. Her mind is very clear, very talkative, well. All meals usually do, opened her refrigerator, there are tomatoes, tofu, white gourd, duck’s egg etc.. "She smiled, very happy. To say the secret of her, the most important is a good attitude, in addition, Zaoshuizaoqi, diet habits are very regular. Her family is very happy, is a graduate of the University of." Often see the old street staff said. Senior tourism accounted for half of the country "travel agency business before, many parents give their children money to travel, but now the trend has changed, filial piety culture, more and more children give parents to travel." Kang Hui, general manager of travel agency, said Zhu Caijun. In the view of Zhejiang Master tourism Limited by Share Ltd general manager Tong Weibiao, the elderly have occupied half of the country tour travel agency business, and it faces the increasingly hot trend of development, the National Tourism Bureau also issued a standard service for the elderly tourism, means that the market growth rate per year than expected, the elderly tourism market will be more and more big." Zhejiang Feiyang, CITS Ningbo, Zhelun overseas travel agencies have set up similar "oldies club", the relevant statistics, the senior tourism accounted for more than 50%. So, what are the features of senior tourism? Flying travel.相关的主题文章: