Royal road network CEO response to the owner of the pain points only genuine trust roselip

Royal road network CEO to respond to the owner of the pain points: only genuine confidence in the current Chinese car market continues to be hot, but behind it is a competitive disorder, fake goods rampant, service awareness and other issues. All along, the owner always encounter problems opaque price, poor service attitude, quality guarantee in the car without a car in life, but with the development of "Internet plus", this problem is solved step by step. According to the authoritative analysis report, in recent years Internet plus after the car market, the most potential is the self model, such as the way tiger car, Royal transit network that B2C+O2O self mode has the advantage of optimizing the market the entire automobile parts supply chain and efficient transformation for the maintenance of O2O, thus realizing a genuine low price. Recently, the reporter had the honor and the Royal transit network CEO Qi Xianwei conducted an in-depth interview, how to ensure the maintenance of the car owners face, automotive products quality, price transparency and other questions, one by eliminating Qi Xianwei. Owners doubt: after leaving the 4S shop, but also where to maintain? The annual CCTV "3· 15 party, in the face of the car market after the fake news everywhere, the majority of owners do not mind sad: where is the vehicle maintenance reliable? How can no longer be fooled by the 4S shop, spend less money? It is understood that each time the owner went to the 4S shop maintenance does not spend eight hundred also has one thousand, always try to find ways to make the owner of the car owners to buy, sell to the owners of a pile of high priced parts. However, in today’s information network developed, popular today, 4S shop to Mongolia owners is not a easy thing, more and more owners no longer go to the 4S shop when suckers. However, from the 4S shop, but also where to maintain? According to current knowledge, more and more owners choose a car online purchase goods accessories, online booking service model model of maintenance installation and maintenance, such as a car, the way tiger Royal transit network the B2C+O2O import electricity supplier, more and more car owners welcome. To this end, the reporter interviewed the royal road network CEO Qi Xianwei, for the maintenance of vehicles the number one question, he responded: "the original owner will mostly buy auto parts from the 4S shop, do not know what to buy, only know the original pieces. But in fact, even when the original factory is also divided into high and low grades, so the owners are faced with a problem: on the one hand, the quality of the product is opaque, on the one hand, the price is not transparent. What was the reason? Because of the distribution of auto parts in the traditional supply chain, a large number of profits have been eroded by the middle link. For example, a genuine BOSCH platinum spark plug with the price of forty or fifty yuan from the regular factory shipments, and then to go through middlemen, repair shop, 4S shop and 3~5 distribution to reach the hands of users, the price has soared to hundreds of yuan, consumers pay extra money, but also led manufacturers did not earn much profit." Qi Xianwei said, to allow the owner to buy genuine cheap car supplies, it is necessary to grab from the source, cut off the traditional lengthy supply chain, is the only way to eliminate fakes. Because the only way to shrink the supply chain through the Internet, in order to avoid artificially pushed up the cost of product prices led to high prices, the most important thing is to be able to guarantee genuine from the source,.相关的主题文章: