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Royce has a difficult battle royal horse worrying German media: the worst second half comeback – Sohu   sports; Royce injury to Real Madrid in the new season is already fighting for several days, and Dortmund star Royce still could not play because of injury. How was the small rocket? Dortmund sporting director and coach Tuchel think Royce short-term can not return, at least in a few weeks to play. The German media "Ruhr news net" on Royce’s injuries were also reported in the media that Royce’s recovery is very slow, can only accelerate straight run, need a few months back, even in the second half of the season to return to the bundesliga. In Lavon, gundogan and other players left, Dortmund Royce became the team’s core duty clear, although the outstanding ability is a small rocket, Dortmund thigh level players, but in the new season, the injured Royce is not on the pitch and contribute to the hornets. Royce’s injury from last season’s German Cup final, a small rocket in the game in the adductor muscle appeared torn, and therefore missed because of injury this summer’s European Cup in France, and in the summer of 2014, Royce also missed the world cup because of injury problems, lost two times in the world series of opportunities Royce is very depressed, which makes him depressed his injury recovery is slow. Royce in the German Cup final after the injury, the media predicted small Rockets will sidelined for three months, will return in mid August to participate in the new season in the bundesliga. But until now, Royce did not play, but in a few days ago, Tucher dott coach Dortmund sports director Zork in an interview on a small rocket injury response is not very optimistic. Tuchel said: "Royce is very difficult to return in the next week, this is not a question of the week, he needs a few weeks can be restored, for now, Royce can not participate in the full training team, he can only be a small amount of ball training activities." Solke also has the same position with Tuchel: "Royce is still not fully recovered, he needs time to recover, it may take several weeks." In the Bundesliga, even without Royce, who can cope with enough strength, and in the Champions League, Royce’s superstar will play a big role in effect. From Dortmund coach Tucher and sports director Zork statement, even if Royce will recover rapidly, return in a few weeks, and Dortmund Champions League group phase against Real Madrid will be in this month 28 days, Royce is very difficult to play in this game, this is a huge blow to dortmund. Tuchel and solke look bad Royce in the near future prospects for recovery, and "news network" of the Ruhr injury Royce more pessimistic, the media that Royce is currently recovering in sight, the worst may be missing in the war in the first half of the Bundesliga, after the winter break to return. (streamer fly)相关的主题文章: