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Russia wants to observe the U.S. election why the United States refused to tense? Abstract: the core of American election early voting has been launched, Russia proposed to send observers to the various polling stations to check, but the United States was rebuffed. Professor Shi Yinhong believes that this is a gesture of Russian diplomacy, want to change in some ways, passive to active. Phoenix Phoenix October 27th "global connection", the following is the text: Lu Chen: the United States has launched an early vote, Russia proposed to send observers to the polling station to look, the United States was rebuffed. What does Russia want to see? The United States and the refusal of what? Continue to ask the parties to do in-depth analysis of the guests, I would like to ask Professor Shi Yinhong, Professor of this time Russia is indeed the star of the U.S. presidential election, the most frequently mentioned when the debate is russia. Including this time Russia proposed to send observers to look at the voting states, by the United States flatly refused, very nervous, this shows that Russia is a what kind of relationship? Shi Yinhong: the United States, Russia is now in a very fierce confrontation, but at this time the Russian presidential campaign is very pushy, that first Trump again and again, that he liked Putin publicly, the Democratic Party of the United States in the ear, even in the Republican elite ear is very taboo. At the same time, the Democratic Party also claimed that the Russian presidential election to intervene through hacking, so that Russia and the U.S. presidential election this time the negative contact, raise a Babel of criticism of blow. So Russia now heard that Putin or the Russian government to observe, it is said, there you may have with your constitution, less formal things, I found, I will advertise; I don’t find, but I was a decent man, to the United States to see the United States the election. So I think this is, if there is such a thing that I wanted to go to high-profile observation, a diplomatic gesture is the Russian Putin, think in some ways, due to the U.S. presidential election such an acute contact, change from passive to active, this is game’s election plus, international politics, a Russian political game. "Phoenix global connection" in Phoenix TV station broadcast [Chinese program area] first time: Monday to Friday  :35-23: replay time: Tuesday to Saturday  :30-05: want to see more gold commentary, hot reading, anchor style, behind the dirt? Hush! Quietly to join Phoenix will enjoy private (ID:phtvifeng), let Xiaofeng Jun take you to walk along a small rear phoenix.                    相关的主题文章: