Samsung Note7 Chinese recall announcement bare can, non state bank back (video)

Samsung Note7 China recall announcement: bare metal and non state bank is also back to Samsung now China official online about Galaxy Note7 recalled the latest announcement, clear a lot of details. According to Samsung’s view, the exchange time from today (14 days) to December 31st, consumers only need to carry Galaxy Note7 mobile phones and the corresponding purchase vouchers (invoices, receipts, etc.) to the original purchase channels for returned goods. If Samsung comes with a gift without the return. Galaxy Note7 – the return of the consumer we will provide 200 yuan of subsidies; – choose to return after buying Galaxy S7 edge S7 customers we will provide a subsidy of 600 yuan (including the return of 200 yuan subsidy), choose to buy other intelligent mobile phone Samsung, Samsung Electronics will provide a subsidy of 300 yuan (including the return of 200 yuan subsidy). Recall details: 1. when you can’t handle the purchase of the store, please contact the Galaxy Note7 customer service hotline (400-810-5858). 2. packing boxes, instructions, spare parts (headphones, chargers, etc.) need not be returned. 3. Samsung online shopping mall, Jingdong mall, Tmall Samsung flagship store, Amazon (China) channel purchase of consumers, to receive subsidies, please consult the relevant website Samsung customer service. 4.Galaxy Note7 Samsung official accessories (LED protective cover, mirror intelligent protection sleeve, lens protection shell, vertical intelligent protective sleeve, wireless charging back clip) in the original purchase channel returns, processing methods and Galaxy Note7 mobile phone the same. 5. non national version of Galaxy Note7 products can also be returned. 6.Note7 can not continue to use. 7.Note7 product failure can be returned goods. But when you can’t query the mobile phone IMEI, please call the Note7 Galaxy customer service hotline (400-810-5858). Official website recall announcement:

三星Note7中国召回公告:裸机即可、非国行也退三星现在中国官网上线了关于Galaxy Note7召回的最新公告,明确了很多细节。按照三星的说法,退换货的时间从今天(14日)到12月31日,消费者仅需携带Galaxy Note7手机以及相应购买凭证(发票、收据等)到原购买渠道办理退换货。如有三星电子附赠的赠品无需返还。- 选择Galaxy Note7退货的消费者我们将提供200元补贴;- 选择退货后购买Galaxy S7 edge S7的消费者我们将提供600元补贴(含退货补贴200元),选择购买其他三星智能手机时,三星电子将提供300元补贴(含退货补贴200元)。召回细则——1.在购买的门店无法办理退换货时,请联系Galaxy Note7客服热线(400-810-5858)。2.包装盒、说明书、零配件(耳机、充电器等)无需退还。3.三星网上商城、京东商城、天猫三星官方旗舰店、亚马逊(中国)渠道购买的消费者,领取补贴方法请咨询相关网站三星客服。4.Galaxy Note7三星官方配件(LED保护套、镜面智能保护套、镜头保护壳、立式智能保护套、无线充电背夹)在原购买渠道进行退货,办理办法与Galaxy Note7手机相同。5.非国行版Galaxy Note7产品也可以办理退货。6.Note7不可以继续使用。7.Note7产品出现故障可以办理退换货。但无法查询手机IMEI时请致电Galaxy Note7客服热线(400-810-5858)。官网召回公告:相关的主题文章: