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Seasonal vaccination of children of several problems in the parents must know the vaccine can help children vaccination to prevent disease, what issues should pay attention to? As the weather turns cold, pneumonia, colds and other diseases is to enter the high incidence of it, many parents are very concerned about the vaccination problem. But small children, afraid of the vaccine problem. What are the precautions for vaccination? The vaccination of children must pay attention to four issues: whether a vaccine for some children may have vaccination contraindications, such as eating egg allergy, fight allergic to penicillin, but not before inoculation parents also don’t say, it may bring great risk. He believes that every time before vaccination to take the initiative to the vaccination point of the doctor questions, parents must do one thing. For example, this vaccine to prevent what disease? What are the contraindications to this vaccine? In other words, what kind of child is not suitable for the vaccine? What are the possible adverse reactions after the vaccination? Are there any other options for preventing the disease except for the vaccine?" The use of these issues, parents can basically understand the relevant circumstances of the vaccine, so as to make a judgment. Question two: vaccine safety so far, many of China’s vaccines are attenuated vaccine. The so-called "attenuated", that is, to reduce the toxicity of live virus, but there is still a certain amount of virus, stimulate the body after vaccination induced antibodies, and then eliminate the virus. This vaccine has the characteristics of low price, but because the virus is active, very few children due to individual differences or low immune function, after vaccination may be due to vaccine virus mutation and cause infection, but into disease. In fact, compared with attenuated vaccine, inactivated vaccine is safer. Inactivated vaccine is a killed virus, it will enter the human body, does not make people sick, but also can make human body produce antibodies against the virus. Question three: the ability to combine vaccines with a combination of vaccines to combat the safety and effectiveness of the same. The world has more than 100 countries began to popularize the combined vaccine, Chinese currently there are four types of vaccine: one is leprosy vaccine, MMR vaccine is two, three is the DPT vaccine, four is the latest pentavalent vaccine, can also include prevention of pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus, polio and Hib infection. The benefits of the combined vaccine are to reduce the number of injections, simplify the immune program, save the mother’s time, but also reduce the baby’s pain. Question four: as everyone knows the problem of side reaction after vaccination, fever is normal. Since the vaccine itself is a kind of antigen, the antigen into the body, the body will produce defensive reactions, fever is a manifestation of this defense response. In general, the fever after vaccination does not require special treatment. Children with minor side effects after vaccination, generally require continuous vaccination, taking into account the immune may not be successful or the effect is not stable, it is best not to strengthen immunization. However, if there is a significant side effect after vaccination and proved to be related to the vaccine, it should stop vaccination. Which children should not be vaccinated (1) children with infectious diseases, such as acute upper respiratory sensation.相关的主题文章: