Security night after witnessing the dream often do not want to tell the property innawoods

The night witnessed after jumping nightmare to accuse Zhang Yong Wuguan (a pseudonym), a Jiulongpo area of security, because in July of this year saw someone jumped to his death, then began to have nightmares, greatly affected the body and life. Recently, he considered whether to Wuguan company claims, after consulting a lawyer, he hesitated. Client: "my sweat, can’t sleep." "I also have no way, only to consult with a lawyer and Sue think Wuguan company. But now, I have to wait four or five days……" Speaking of this experience, Zhang Yong is about to speak, but saying nothing, more than a month, he has become love exchange, accompanied by a lawyer to tell the whole story. More than 3 points, one day at the end of July at Zhang Yong in a patrol, patrol to high-rise residential, he was a strange wind, strange sound surprised. Take a look, he found that it was a man’s body, has no shape, see this scene, Zhang Yong out in a cold sweat. After a while, he came to realize: someone jumped off the building, hurriedly call for help. After a few days, the scene is constantly jumping in my mind. "I sweat, can’t sleep sleep." Zhang Yongchang nightmares, went to the hospital to spend 1905 yuan, but did not find a cure, the whole people have some collapse, live for decades, never felt this way". Zhang Yong dropped the root cause, dare not to disturb the deceased, "I understand their feelings, dead". Zhang Yong said he knew the way the families of the deceased, but did not dare to tell their own things affected. Because it is on a thing, he can solve the company, company to reimburse the medical expenses, the other thing is later". So he had the idea of suing Wuguan companies, decided to consult a lawyer and hire a lawyer. In preparation for the prosecution process, the company expressed its willingness to give some compensation. Zhang Yong and the company signed a 5 year contract, has been performing for the past 3 years, he did not want to lose their jobs, some hesitation. Zhang Yong said that after the incident, he had returned to the property management company to work for a period of time. "At first I from night to day, but through that place (jumping to) you sweat." Since then, he has a close eyes recalled the incident scene. Psychologist: he had post-traumatic stress disorder at the Chongqing mountain counseling Institute chief psychologist Tan Zhaoxia Zhang Yong introduced the experience in psychology called acute stress disorder, with sharp, severe mental illness is the direct cause, stimulation immediately after the onset (within 1 hours). Because of this incident occurred at the end of July, has been more than a month, 24~48 hours of intervention have missed the ideal time (within 24 hours should not intervene), and there is no natural relief. Consider the evaluation as "post-traumatic stress disorder" (PTSD). Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not caused by psychological crisis intervention on the basis of acute stress disorder. It is suggested that psychological counseling should be taken as the main treatment method. Among them, the drug is mainly to ease the symptoms of depression, anxiety, fear, insomnia, ease of psychological treatment and 8相关的主题文章: