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Health When you think tattooing you tend to think of someone having their favourite football team, or their wife, girlfriend, or children’s names tattooed on their arm, but you rarely think about micropigmentation, or semi permanent make up as it is .monly known. Semi permanent make up is basically cosmetic tattooing, which entails tattooing on your make up, including eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner/blush. This article has been written to give you a better understanding about permanent cosmetics, which for some people can be life changing. The treatment can be used for people of all ages including both women and men, not only can the treatment be used for make up tattooing, micropigmentation can also be used for medical tattooing, for example if someone has had a mastectomy after breast cancer micropigmentation can be used to tattoo on a nipple, which can make a huge difference to a woman’s life. Getting back to cosmetic tattooing… Micropigmentation is different to traditional tattooing as the pigment (colour) is not tattooed as deeply into the skin, meaning in time it will fade a lot quicker than regular tattoos, however, you should expect that the semi permanent make up will not .pletely disappear, it should be seen as a permanent procedure. There are various techniques used for permanent make up including ‘feathering’ which is very effective for tattooing on your eyebrows, which you may have done if you are not happy with the shape of your brow line of if your eyebrows are very sparse, or if you suffer from a disease which cause your eyebrow hair to fall out. If you have lost your eyelashes then permanent eyeliner can be applied to create the look of lashes, giving you your confidence back, plus you would not have to worry about applying eyeliner everyday. The procedure can also be used to make your lips look fuller and more youthful, a lip liner and lip blush technique can help create that natural look you desire. When considering permanent cosmetics you may be concerned that you will not be happy with the out.e, the shape or colour etc., so you should always check the credentials of your permanent make up technician, you need to see their previous work and check that they have been professionally trained. An initial consultation will take place before treatment and the technician will draw on exactly what they propose to do until you are happy, once you are .pletely satisfied with the shape etc. the procedure can then be carried out. A word about price… Prices vary a lot between technicians and you want to be wary of technicians who are very cheap, you should not decide on a technician based on price alone, permanent make up is permanent and you do not want to get it wrong or choose the wrong technician, always do your homework and don’t just go with the cheapest technician unless you are absolutely sure they are qualified to do the work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: