Senior officials in India suggested that visitors do not wear skirts dnf商人吧

India officials suggest the tourists to go to India don’t wear skirts original title: Indian officials: tourists went to India and don’t wear skirts in Xinhua news agency, India tourism and culture minister Mahesh Sharma suggested that it is best not to wear skirts when foreign tourists travel to India. This "tips" has not been grateful, but in the online condemning incurred. In the face of questioning, Sharma 29 to clarify their views. Sharma, 28, delivered a speech on the topic of tourism in India. He said that India’s tourism sector is ready to offer tips to foreign tourists at the airport, to promote their attention to local tourism. One is to suggest that foreign tourists do not wear skirts, do not go out alone at night in a small city. After this speech publicly, immediately led to criticism. Sharma, 29, to clarify their remarks. He said he was only "out of concern" to put forward this proposal, and only suggested that foreign tourists do not wear skirts in the religious places. However, netizens do not buy it for this explanation, Sharma had also black history pulls out inappropriate remarks "". Last year, he had publicly said, girls go out at night is not part of the culture of India, he will protect India culture from western culture. India gang rape cases, some foreign female tourists are also among the victims, has come from the United States, Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, Israel and other multi-national female tourists in the local rape or rape. Although the government of India said the probability of similar incidents against foreign tourists is very low, but the statistics show that this has an impact on the tourism industry in India. (Zhang Jing) responsible editor: SN146相关的主题文章: