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Sergeant Zhang Xiaodong why unexpected "net red"? (Figure) – Beijing arm injury, pregnant wife in the side, regardless of wind waves, sea rescue resolutely, jump the figure moved a city, netizens affectionately called him "brother desperately"; enthusiastic users to restore things through drawing into a comic scene, actually a row of "screen" comrades relatives and friends and the resident people circle of friends…… Twenty-sixth army brigade industry anti camp sergeant Zhang Xiaodong "accidentally" into "Red Net" after what happened? User relay forwarding thousand times for unknown hero in August 29th, just before dawn, people of city of Haiyang province Shandong Li Ganggang, Lou Zhaolun two people drove on the highway. On this day, they rushed to the family to represent more than and 500 kilometers in a mountainous hinterland, will be printed with "heroic self sacrifice, the banner to is in the twenty-sixth group army training where a brigade sergeant Zhang Xiaodong hand. To this day, they have been searching for more than a month online Zhang Xiaodong. In July 21st 15, home leave Zhang Xiaodong with a pregnant wife for a walk on the beach, suddenly heard came "fast rescue ah" cry for help. Zhang Xiaodong and his wife Xunsheng, originally coincided with low tide, wave after wave of seawater two deep water masses slowly rolled into to deep sea, the situation is very critical. Zhang Xiaodong turned and rushed down to save people, his wife pulled him: "your left arm fracture is not good, not bad?" This is the memory of Zhang Xiaodong, a virtuous wife for the first time he roared. "Let’s call the police." Looked at his wife worried eyes, Zhang Xiaodong slightly a hesitant, pushed his wife’s hands, and ran to the seaside. Again and again, again and again by waves scattered into the water search…… After more than half an hour of effort, Zhang Xiaodong finally rescued the people in distress on the shore. At this time, he injured his left hand was swollen and unable to move, right leg was the rock ripped a dozen centimeters long. Nevertheless, he still endure the pain will drive the drowning person to the hospital, then took his wife to leave quietly. The drowning person found Jiumingenren disappeared, they decided no matter how hard, also must find this person! In those days, they put the video screenshot to the hospital, micro-blog Post Bar, circle of friends, and to find the unknown hero "of the written notice:" well intentioned people eight meters tall, left hand injury, driving a white car……" Just a few days, users relay relay more than 10000 times. "This guy is like my neighbor’s kid. He’s a soldier……" An enthusiastic users of the message has aroused the concerns of family members were rescued, the identity of unknown hero confirmed after more than a month. Save the comic "screen" incident to the circle of friends and Chinese in early September, WeChat public issued an article entitled "pregnant wife and walk on the beach, he made a decision to let her cry" comic graphic, a true representation of the Zhang Xiaodong rescue scene. After the release of the manuscript, soon attracted attention, as many as hundreds of users and hundreds of messages forwarded, this information is also tyrant screen of the local military and civilian circle of friends. Some netizens commented: "roaring waves, arm fracture, pregnant wife in the side…… The luxury is not the sea相关的主题文章: