Shanghai seime Hayman 2-5 missed the final eight Searl bibin’s hand

Shanghai seime Hayman 2-5 missed the final eight Searl bibin’s hand cut Mei Xiwen eliminated sina sports news Beijing time on September 22nd, the 2016 Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament on the second round for the four games, the afternoon did not upset, China players could not go Mei Xiwen further, lost 2-5 Ryan day. Searl Maguire in the quarter finals bibin beckham. Mei and Ding Junhui are the only two Chinese players to break into the top 16. The 34 year old Mei Xiwen this is the second time world occupation court, he first played well, 5-3’s two time world champion Mark Williams. But the opponent Ryan – Dai is also out of the first round of star Robertson, the overall strength is better than hayman. Draw two people the first four games, then processing Ryan – Dai in the key ball clearly more level, three game winning streak to beat Mei Xiwen 5-2, the game hit two pole single pobai. The world’s first Selby encounter is the first round of elimination of 5-4 Carrington, Joe Perry, should not be underestimated. Sure enough, Searl than field is not too smooth, the first 4 innings 3-1 lead, then one person wins one game, after 4-2 the eighth inning, leading 71-53 Selby victory in sight, at the table only pink and the black case, Carrington did not give up, around the globe made a number of defense bar. But Selby is not unfamiliar with this rhythm, not affected, and ultimately 5-3 win the game. The world’s second Bingham continued his first round 5-0 to stride forward singing militant songs, Jamie – Jones Gilbert, the encounter did not encounter too many obstacles, win 5-2. Hot state Maguire also continues to triumph over Hawkins, 5-3. (new body)相关的主题文章: