Shaoxing Shenyong domineering female boss 32 abnormal dominate Burglary robbers-jiuyaogan

Shaoxing Shenyong domineering female boss 32 abnormal "dominate" Burglary robbers surveillance captured the suspect. One night in early September, Shaoxing District of Shangyu Tang town a clothing factory into a "casual visitor", "the casual visitor" was to rob. However, children’s clothing factory female boss Shenyong anomaly, 32 to each other to "dominate" live. Sneak into the factory, suffered a domineering female boss on the day at 9:30 am, 20 year old Shandong Zhong Mou because "eat online money robbery idea, he prepared a" toy gun ", but also prepared a dagger, ready to start on the children’s clothing factory female boss wang. Zhong Mou stole from the factory into the door, then quickly toward the lights in the office to the factory. At this time, Ms. Wang is out of the office, in the corridor, the two met. Zhong took out a toy gun, pointing to Ms. Wang: do not move, put all the money on the body out!" Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang stared at Zhong Mou, said sternly: "what person are you? How did you come in? Who is playing with the kids!" Ms. Wang was a shock to the sound of a scared. A look at the female boss did not live, Zhong immediately put out a dagger. Ms. Wang said: "the young do not learn, you have the ability to!" While waiting for the right time, a hand hold a secondary knife hand, kicked and dragged a dagger ", Zhong Lang when landing, scared him away and ran. Ms. Wang did not chase, the first time to call 110, Shaoxing City Public Security Bureau on the Shangyu branch of the police station after receiving the order, the rapid expansion of the chase. Suspect a sec. The robber arrested one hour nets above and snares below, after the police received a robbery, the use of "1, 3, 5" ring seal control mechanism of the intercity station, exit control point control. The police station on the Pu from the rapid monitoring of enterprises, public security monitoring carried out investigation, and soon, the suspect into the police line of sight. Police found the robber fled for hiking, dressed more features, black blouse chest big pattern. When judged, fled to the city to escape direction along the direction of national highway. Subsequently, the police immediately to the police and plainclothes police, the advantages of dual mode, dual card anshao ming. It is as expected, plainclothes police patrol car on Shangtang road and State Road 104 at the junction, found a suspected criminal suspects physical characteristics of personnel. When the police tried to close, alert the suspect fled immediately, but ultimately failed to escape the police chase. At this point, only less than 1 hours away from the incident. With the investigation, the suspect confessed his crime of a knife robbery. "This case is a typical case of using the information of actual police combat really fast break fast, first from the rapid retrieval of video images, to quickly check Skynet and successfully locked the suspect, predict the suspects escape route to successful encirclement sealing ring, the road around, chasing, blocking, and truly reflect the the information characteristics of actual police combat" fast, accurate and relentless." The relevant person in charge said. Although the female boss brave or domineering, but the police remind the public, when encountered robbers, can not follow the female boss, be sure to ensure their own safety, the first time the alarm to the public security organs.相关的主题文章: