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Fashion-Style Some of the hottest shoe designers of the moment are revisiting the classic style of Mary Jane shoes. The most creative versions that are now available for sale look little like the versions that many will remember from their childhood. While the shape of the shoe has remained intact, they may now feature eye catching colors, extremely high heels, or funky additions that will make you the envy of all your footwear loving friends. If you are shopping for the perfect pair of Mary Jane shoes to transform your wardrobe, the following suggestions can help you to find something that is different and fashion forward. Even if you cannot afford to invest in a pair from a leading designer, visiting their collections is a great way to find inspiration before heading out to the mall or shopping at your favorite online store. With these examples of Mary Jane shoes at the forefront of your mind, you might be more inclined to try something new and different, like shoes featuring a rainbow of colors, or pairing your favorite red heels with a color block purple and orange dress. While you are looking to these designers for shopping inspiration, keep in mind that mall brand designers also look to them for ideas. This means that you are likely to find a shoe that you covet that is well within your budget. While the look of the shoe is important, nothing is more important than your .fort. The right pair of Mary Jane shoes is one that can get you through your workday or a party without hurting your feet too much. This means that you should take special care to seek out the perfect fit. Some shoppers will opt for a size or two larger than their typical one, believing that the strap of the Mary Jane will hold it onto their foot. While this is marginally true, the rubbing that is caused by ill fitting shoes will make them un.fortable for wear over long periods. There is no substitute for trying them on, or if shopping online, exchanging your purchase for a better pair. The right pair of Mary Jane shoes can be worn with pants, dresses or skirts on any occasion. When you are shopping for a pair that will be added to your wardrobe, make sure that you consider how they will fit with the clothing that you already have, how .fortable you will be wearing them for hours at a time, and whether they reflect your personal style. By keeping all of these criteria in mind, it is likely that the pair you bring home will quickly be.e one of your favorites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: