Siib Celebrates Its Annual Fest-ignisense

College-University The Symbiosis Institute of International Business is one of the leading institutes in the country to cater to the growing demand of industry ready professionals. The multiple programs including the MBA in Agriculture, MBA in Energy & Environment and the MBA in International Business are aimed at helping students developing the required skill and talent to be.e the creators of sustainable business policy. In fact, the institute focuses equally on academics and co-curricular activities. Just recently, SIIB hosted Ignisense-2013, the institutes flagship event and a one of its kind platform where B-schools from across the country congregate to .pete across several domains under the purview of management. This years Ignisense was held on 6th & 7th January 2013 and came across as the perfect event to initiate the New Year with a bang. The core theme of this festival was to ignite within the participants a fire to pursue their passion. After all, it is this passion that drives the mind towards investing in the right type of actions. Ingnisense 2013 is planned in detail to help students showcase even the smallest talent that they possess. Some of the major activities organized as part of Ignisense 2013 were thousand faces that tested the students on multiple facets of management, 180 degree viewpoint which analyzed the skills of aspiring HR managers, Finatics that tested the skills of finance managers and OPIUM-a .petition organized to check the operational management skills of students by giving them an opportunity to re-strategize the course of action for World War-II. The activities received an extremely positive and motivating response in terms of the participation from hundreds of students. In fact, yet another noteworthy achievement was that a large part of Ignisesnse 2013 was managed by SIIB students. Yes! The young managers from the MBA in Agriculture, MBA in Energy and the MBA in International business took center stage and successfully organized every event scheduled as part of Ignisense 2013. Managing such events, gives these students excellent opportunities to apply their class room learning and learn real time management. It is such a dedicated approach that makes the MBA in Symbiosis, one of the most coveted degrees amidst the student .munity. Through such events SIIB is able to reach out to a greater number of students portraying the hard work of the students and highlighting their achievements. Even participants .ing to SIIB as part of the student exchange programs get a chance to experience the rich cultural diversity and academic excellence associated to Symbiosis Institutes. In fact, SIIB has a long list of such milestones that it has achieved in terms of implementing path breaking learning & teaching methodology. As a result of this, SIIB is amongst the few places authorized under the Symbiosis Dual degree program in International Business to provide select students an opportunity to pursue niche courses at International universities along with their chosen program at SIIB. The regular involvement of SIIB students in such co-curricular activities both at .anizing ad management level will ultimately contribute towards building a better talent pool of global level managers in the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: