Singapore Zhai card case more than 300 DNA strain between Brazil strain (Figure) – Internation douke

Singapore Zhai card case more than 300  DNA strain between Brazil strain (Figure) – International – local time on September 2, 2016, Singapore, people go to the pharmacy to purchase. According to foreign media reports, the village card virus continues to spread in Singapore, as of 8 local time, the number of people infected by the village of bay card has reached more than 300 people, including two pregnant women. However, according to the analysis of the DNA, the virus strains in Singapore are different. The Ministry of Health said it was not aware that the country’s known disease could lead to the birth defects and other neurological disorders in Latin america. Singapore Health said that because of the strain of the virus, it is not clear whether this will be different in terms of the severity of the disease, the degree of disease caused by the lighter or heavier. Local time on August 31st, the Singapore health workers in the public housing area spraying insectifuge sewer. WHO WHO has been listed as a global health threat, and said that it is necessary to further study the relationship between the different strains of the virus. WHO said that if pregnant women infected with Zika virus will affect the baby brain development, commonly known as head. At the same time, WHO said, Zika virus may cause Green syndrome, a rare neurological disorder, which can lead to paralysis patients. Zika virus first appeared in Brazil, but the scientists said Zhai plants are likely to be the first card to the evolution of Asian plants. (commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng (Intern), Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: