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Sky Park waterscape villa all autumn "flies and the sunset sky is Wang Bo boarded Pavilion of Prince Teng writing, is a description of the sky after the rain, the clouds dispersed, the sun shone again. The sun clouds fly together with the wild duck after rain. The river was very full, from afar, the river and the sky seems connected together. The sunset is gorgeous, multiple, isolated duck is light, single, sunset is from top to bottom, the lone duck is a bottom-up, relaxed and long days, Tianshui phase, up and down, all blend into one harmonious whole, far and near stereoscopic display a late autumn Jiang jingtu. Such a beautiful poem, this autumn is an invigorating autumn climate, the seasonal change of the walk, feel the magic. Fangshan region has a lot of A-level scenic spots, and the Shidu scenic area, scenic river DC Juma River, this trip a great valley, 20 kilometers long, famous attractions: Xian Qi Dong, Gu Shan Zhai, East Lake port, the Horse Park, between the mountains and rivers, like in Jiangnan the dense water vapor, linger. In this scene, but also ushered in once a year the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival want something different, go to Fangshan, Xiaobian autumn dramas. Heng Yue Shu Heng Heng Yue Shu Shu Mount Heng Wei Shu hung friction Emerald City (real estate information) Tencent real estate news Heng · friction Shu (real estate information) is the first real estate development project of Zhoukou town. The project is located in Fangshan District Zhoukou town government east 200 meters. The total area of 250 thousand square meters, construction area of 230 thousand square meters, floor area ratio of 1.5, greening rate of 30%. Now launched villa products, consisting of 22 Building 5 – 6 layer stacked villas, an area of 138 square meters -160 square meters, a total of 488 sets. The first fold 5.4 meters high, with the double garden courtyard life; in the stack, stack has a large patio area, home building. Surrounded by many scenic spots, the first subway station, convenient transportation. Tencent Beijing Fangshan real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 42136594 days of constant · friction villa view details livable residential communities | luxury Gallery the latest 400-819-1111 to 100662 days of constant · Moldova villa project is located in Zhoukoudian Longshou location, the natural landscape has deep cultural heritage, richly endowed by nature and a variety of natural wind light. Surrounding the project covering the "two high, one track, multi bus" three-dimensional transportation network, a fast connection with Fangshan urban district the core area and CSD central shopping district. "" "" "click to view Heng · friction Shu comments above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Tencent real estate news Heng · Le Shu (real estate information) is located in Fangshan Beijing high-speed Yan Village 1500 meters west of export. Heng Yue Shu consists of 4 semi detached and 21 Tung Diepin villa, in August 20, 2016 12 sets of push Diepin villa, total 6 million sets. Is expected in late August 2016 will also push the Shuangpin villa. Heng Yue Shu Diepin ground 4, underground 2 layer, 3 layer double,.相关的主题文章: