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Internet-and-Business-Online If you like to write you everyday thoughts or share ideas with others than a blog may be for you. A blog is a digital journal of sorts and can be designed in a variety of styles and formats and is a worldwide phenomena. The term "blog" is short for "web log". Blogging sites, which are free, offer various features to a blogger, such as hyperlinks, straigtht texts, pictures and may even allow video and MP3 files to be added to your blog. There are some bloggers that take advantage of the latter and choose to make their blogs audio focused by using spoken entries. This is more commonly referred to as audio blogging. All blogs will contain the following features: – The Title – a label for you post. – The Body – the actual content – Trackback – links added to other sites that linkback to your blog -Permanent Link – each blog or article that is written by you will have its own URL – Comments – readers can post comments on your blog Blogging is easy since it only requires a few templates, unlike websites, where you need numerous pages. The creation of new pages is extremely easy since blog sites have fixed settings for the title, body, category, and more. Beginners and jump right in and have a blog up and running in no time. For more details go to The first step to starting a blog is to register or become a member of a blogging website. With the membership you become a part of that particular blogging community at which time you can scan through other member’s blogs. When you find blogs that you particularly like or relate to yours, you can then link those blogs to yours. Also, you will be able to add comments to member’s blogs. Besides personal use, blogs can also be used anyone involved in politics, sports, as a social or philosophical commentary, and more. Thus, blogging then becomes more targeted to a specific theme or topic. Blogs can also be used to advertise. Entrepreneurs can promote their businesses using their blog. This is an excellent means of promotion since there are millions of people visiting blogs everyday. To know more about it simply visits .atoz-about-rss… Overall, personal blogs or digital journals is the leading use of blogs. It was the original use of blogs. Individuals blog their everyday happenings, struggles, self publish poems, writings, and share opinions. Bloggers also talk to other bloggers. .munities of people start sharing ideas and soon there is an established circle of bloggers. A visit to a blog directory will assist in finding a blog that focuses on a particular subject. A search in the directory offers a list of blog sites that are categorized for easy reference. Beginners can browse the directory to get ideas About the Author: 相关的主题文章: