South Korean people celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival highway jam – Beijing-kamikaze love

South Korean people celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival the emergence of new highway network in September new network jam – in 16, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean people celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, family reunion, enjoy the fun of abundance. Highway traffic increased, the phenomenon of congestion. From 15 local time early in the morning, the families gathered in each family worship ancestors, share food, enjoy the happy mid autumn festival. Many families also mountain grave, ancestor worship. Mid autumn festival began in the morning, the gradual increase in the number of vehicles on the highway, back home and look back on the route blocked. South Korea is expected to commune Road, at 9 in the morning as the standard, from the Seoul highway toll station to drive to Jiangling takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes, takes about 8 hours to Busan, takes about 6 hours to Mokpo. Expected 5 pm to traffic peak will occur at 4 pm. South Korean road is expected to leave the day of Seoul will have 490 thousand vehicles, vehicles will return to Seoul, there will be 470 thousand. Return home traffic in 15 midnight to get relief, the return of vehicles in Seoul will gradually reduce the number of days 16.相关的主题文章: