South Korean prosecutors intend to park investigation department for the first time to the president-tamiflu

South Korean prosecutors intend to park investigation department for the first time to investigate the incumbent president – Sohu news according to South Korean media reports, South Korean prosecutors will be held next week or half weeks of investigation of South Korean President Park Geun hye. This is the first time in the history of South Korean prosecutors in the investigation of the incumbent president. Local time on October 1st, to commemorate the Korean Army Day parade in Chungnam, Pu Jinhui attended the meeting and review the troops. Reported that in the park Geun hye expressed willingness to accept the prosecution investigation after a lapse of 8 days, South Korean prosecutors for the first time publicly on the Pu Jinhui investigation plan. Prosecutors plan on Chong Wa Dae before the policy adjustment Chief Secretary An Zhongfan on Park Geun hye indicates the establishment of Miller and K sports consortium and the collection of statements, carries on the investigation to the park. In addition, in Chong Wa Dae before the presidential office affiliated Secretary Zheng Hucheng (transliteration) said that the transfer of Chong Wa Dae papers to Cui Shunshi, prosecutors will also investigate whether the park Geun hye instructions on the. The outside world that the prosecution in the prosecution before Cui Shunshi, will be the first park to investigate, confirm the relationship between Cui Shunshi and Pu Jinhui. It is speculated that the prosecution will be held 19 days before the expiration of this month, the prosecution of Cui Shunshi. In view of this, there is a point of view, the prosecution or the second half of next week to investigate the park Geun hye. Prosecutors also said the parties concerned, will be decided as soon as possible to park Geun hye’s investigation.相关的主题文章: