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Speed up onlookers! "Smart treasure can dream GO" official Bracelet 9.16 sale, as we all know, Nintendo’s AR hand travel "Wizard treasure can dream GO" has been burning all over the Yangtze river. Trainers who like to grab elf are also found all over the world. In order to allow trainers to play more happily, recently officially announced Pokemon GO Plus bracelet will be listed in Japan in September 16th. It is reported that Pokemon GO Plus is a device that allows players not to keep staring at the phone screen, but also to capture treasure dreams and get props in PokeStoPS. In addition, in the official website also announced that can be linked to the implementation of the smartphone device, the players are scheduled to buy can go to confirm. When the "GO" in the dream fairy treasure can be run in the background when the mobile phone, "Pokemon GO Plus" will continue with the "demon treasure can dream GO" connection, so even if not picked up the intelligent mobile phone can also find treasure in "elf elf dream" GO, enter PokeStops. And when the "Pokemon GO Plus" glows, it means that there are PokeStops nearby, or there are fairies. "Demon treasure can dream GO" will not run in the background to reflect the walking distance, which is not an. When there is PokeStoPS nearby, the "Pokemon GO Plus" body vibrates and blinks blue light. When you press the button, you can enter the PokeStops to obtain props. In addition to the "adventure diary", the acquired props can also be recognized in the notification function of smart phones. When a sprite appears nearby, the "Pokemon GO Plus" body vibrates and continues to flicker green light. When you press the button, you drop the baby ball and catch the elf. The success or failure of the capture can be judged by the color of the lamp, the category of flicker and vibration. In addition, the "Pokemon GO Plus" to respond due to the emergence of "incense" effect of the Elves will not.

速来围观!《精灵宝可梦GO》官方手环9.16发售众所周知,任天堂旗下的AR手游《精灵宝可梦GO》已经火遍大江南北。喜欢抓小精灵的训练师们也是遍布全球各地。为了能够让训练师们更愉快地玩耍,近日官方宣布Pokemon GO Plus手环确定将于9月16日在日本上市。据悉,Pokemon GO Plus是一个让玩家不需要一直盯着手机屏幕,也可以捕捉宝可梦,并在PokeStoPS中获得道具的装置。另外,在官方网站中也公开了确认可以进行连动的智能手机装置,有预定要购入的玩家可前往确认。当《精灵宝可梦GO》在手机后台运行时,“Pokemon GO Plus”也会持续与《精灵宝可梦GO》连线,所以就算不拿起智能手机也可以在《精灵宝可梦GO》中寻找小精灵,进入PokeStops。而当“Pokemon GO Plus”发光时,就代表附近有PokeStops或者有小精灵出现。《精灵宝可梦GO》在后台运行时不会反映行走距离,亦即无法孵蛋。当附近有PokeStoPS时,“Pokemon GO Plus”本体就会震动,并闪烁蓝光。此时按下按钮的话就可进入PokeStops中获得道具。所获得的道具除了可在“冒险日记”中确认之外,在智能手机的通知功能中也可以确认。当附近出现小精灵时,“Pokemon GO Plus”本体就会震动并持续闪烁绿光。此时只要按按钮就会丢出宝贝球捕捉小精灵。捕获成功或失败可透过灯的颜色 、闪烁与震动的类别来判断。另外,“Pokemon GO Plus”对因“薰香”的效果而出现的小精灵不会有所反应。相关的主题文章: