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Take holiday card, ATM Mo credulous "announcement" – Sohu financial Xinhua news agency in Harbin on February 5th news (reporter Ma Xiaocheng) with the Spring Festival holidays, many families are beginning to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival and busy. China UnionPay Heilongjiang branch tips, in cash, Credit Card cardholders to pay more attention to the peak. A few days before the holiday will often form shopping at places of business traffic surge, it Too many cooks spoil the broth. UnionPay cardholders in that business card consumption, try not to let the bank card out of their sight, after the credit card voucher must first check and correct after signature confirmation, to avoid misuse of brush brush. In the consumer credit card, but also pay attention to possible occlusion keyboard, to avoid being spied. If the balance of the card and other abnormal situations, timely to call the issuing bank or China UnionPay customer service hotline. In addition, in the use of ATM device before, remember the following three points: first, we must carefully observe. Look around the ATM device if there is extra device or a camera, or a banknote outlet slot to observe whether there is abnormal situation or modification, so as not to be illegally copied card. Two to stay in mind. If the machines posted "fault" or "upgrade" transfers the so-called "announcement", but also to be vigilant. Banks, UnionPay cardholders do not require remittance to the designated account. In addition, after the withdrawal, also don’t throw away the transaction documents, should be kept properly or in a timely manner. Three to avoid panic. Once the equipment TUNKA or do not spit money, do not leave easily, is the bank’s customer service hotline by in situ ATM direct dial. Author: Ma Xiaocheng (source: Xinhua)

节日刷卡多留神,莫轻信ATM“公告”-搜狐理财   新华社哈尔滨2月5日专电(记者马晓成)随着春节假期的到来,不少家庭都开始为采购年货而忙碌。中国银联黑龙江分公司提示,在取现、刷卡消费高峰期,持卡人要多留神。  节前几日往往会形成购物高峰,商业场所人流量激增,难免人多手杂。银联提示,持卡人在商户刷卡消费时,尽量不要让银行卡离开视线范围,刷卡后一定要先核对签购单无误后再签字确认,避免多刷误刷。  在刷卡消费时,还要注意尽可能遮挡键盘,避免被他人窥探。如果出现卡内余额不足等异常情况,要及时致电发卡银行或中国银联客服热线。  此外,在使用自助取款设备前,要牢记以下三点:  一要留心观察。留心ATM设备周围是否有多余的装置或摄像头,观察插卡口或出钞口是否有异常情况或改造痕迹,以免卡片被不法人员复制。  二要多留心眼。如果机具上张贴有“故障”“升级”或要求转账的所谓“公告”,更要提高警惕。银行、银联不会要求持卡人向指定账户汇款。此外,取款结束后,也不要随手丢弃交易单据,应妥善保管或及时销毁。  三要切忌慌张。一旦遇到设备吞卡或不吐钞的情况,不要轻易离开,直接在原地拨打ATM所属银行的客服热线求助。  作者:马晓成 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章: