Tan Jing sang flying arrows show rock music timbre won people point praise – in Beijing-chompoo araya

Tan Jing sang "flying arrows show" rock music timbre won people point praise – Beijing the evening of November 3, 2016, China new generation of carrier rockets "Long March five" was launched in Hainan in Wenchang. That night at the celebration meeting, invited by the famous singer Tan Jing Chinese carrier rocket technology research institute, and after the launch ceremony, the celebration meeting, sang songs for big rocket "flying arrow", Tan Jing was awarded the "Long March five rocket first flight test team honor team" the title. The successful launch of a rocket, aroused the Chinese people proud of, and sung by Tan Jing’s "flying arrow" is also widely disseminated on the Internet, users get consistent praise. November 6th, CCTV news special reported the matter, Tan Jing sang the "flying arrow" praise, called "flying arrow" trigger line space workers and the general people’s emotional resonance. CCTV news channel broadcast in March five feature films, especially the song runs through them. Said the CCTV report, during the filming of "flying arrow" in the process of MV, Tan Jing wore the space work clothes, and all aerospace workers in their work together to experience all kinds of hardships and joy. Finally, the song "flying arrow" sung by Tan Jing, also from the perspective of the audience, the more real expression of major national science and technology achievement to bring each Chinese soul shock and agitation. The music commentary said, this song "flying arrow" singing technique has also been quite the skill, "Tan Jing not only singing folk songs, singing the theme song can integrate pop and rock elements, very comprehensive". At the celebration, Tan Jing gave hitherto unknown rock sound, showing the amazing power, to participate in the celebration of aerospace workers to the media that Tan Jing live infectious. It is understood that the "flying arrow" singer Tan Jing and the fate of science greatly. She is not only a good young singer, but also the wife of a scientist. Tan Jing said that as a member of the family of science and technology workers, overwhelmed by singing for her to have a special meaning. She hoped that through their own songs, to the tireless space people, to express the most sincere greetings and respect.相关的主题文章: