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The ten minute video take you to play all over the Jiangsu Kunshan Sohu l l – Lin Yuan King tourism Pavilion Pavilion Lin Yuan ancient stage – long history, gathering of talents, because of its 100 pingchou, beautiful peak, saddle shaped Yufeng mountain, originally named Ma’anshan park. In order to commemorate Gu Yanwu, take its number in the name of Ting Lin, renamed the pavilion of the Lin Yuan. The garden must place for Kunqu Opera museum. The Museum of ancient architecture gardening tradition, to the ancient stage as the center, the pavilion Gallery Pavilion ring water, pavilions. The Peony Pavilion Pavilion – Lin Yuan – the ancient stage named "four corner Pavilion Peony Pavilion" the Peony Pavilion "and" garden show "dream eighty percent off, this is the water in the glittering pavilion. The ancient stage to undertake the Kunqu Opera in the past. So, the people of the ancient stage is the respect, respect for the Kunqu Opera, this is the ancient stage of Kunqu Opera in. One of the Lin Yuan Pavilion Kunshi Museum – Wuzhong four gifted Wen Zhengming had Zanyu mountain as the first mountain in the southeast. Yufeng sites with long history, there are seventy-two scenes in ancient times, the Liang Dynasty built poly Hui temple, known as the four hundred and eighty head of the temple, is the origin of. Kunshi, Qionghua, bingdilian is Yufeng Sambo, and Lingbi stone, Taihu stone, stone known as the "four ancient stone" China Kunshi for the first three. Kunshi English clock generated in the initial five hundred million years ago before the Cambrian period, and then after several geological changes two hundred million years before the formation of today’s "Kunshi precious. In the mountains in the East, a tan color fragrant Shuangjue, between different period of lotus pool and pure-hearted, Qionghua forest is charming appearance and personality formerly known as poly Hui Temple East vegetarian Kunshi museum. Kunshi Museum covers an area of about 900 square meters, is currently the only Chinese Kunshi Tibet museum. In addition to the collection of Kunshi, part of Kunshan from the friends of the ornamental stone association. The Kunshi boutique, in addition to a chicken bone peak, peak, peak of jellyfish snow outside of Kunshan, and Shuangfeng Lianbi chicken bone chicken bone, snow peak peak and walnut crystal Yang Meifeng and many other rare species. The two party of the ancient Ming Dynasty Kunshi, is currently the only remaining and the largest ancient Kunshi, museum museum. The top grade Kunshi exquisitely carved jade, crystal white, hard, Khieu hole all over, has drunk, thin, hunchbacked form – Kunshan city ecological Forest Park – from top to bottom, overlooking the Kunshan Kunshan city ecological Forest Park is located in the northwest 4 km from downtown, Kunshan city is the city of the lung. Whether the ecological landscape or fresh air, enjoy together in the city park without outer suburbs will. Since 2002 opening date of the park after several ten years, optimization of construction and upgrading, open from the infrastructure construction of the initial gradually become now so scenery and ecological coexistence kaleidoscope. Spring to summer to spring break Yuen view; Sunflower Garden sunflower Xiangyang; early autumn to see verdant grass to plum garden; taxuexinmei in winter; and the water is abundant, wetland ecological park vegetation over and the birds of paradise of bird island, are available in this city.相关的主题文章: