Tesla has been wireless charging currently only model s exclusive – Sohu car mia farrow

Tesla has been able to wireless charging is currently only MODEL S exclusive – Sohu car [Sohu motor E electric park] in the rapid development of electric vehicles today, there are still many problems plagued electric car owners. In addition to we can not solve the problem of urban planning, the most difficult to count the number of charging pile problem. This problem is expected to improve in the future. According to foreign media reports, a set of exclusive Tesla MODEL S wireless charging system was launched, the day before. To achieve the wireless charging function of electric vehicles, has appeared in many science fiction movies. Now, this thing will become a reality. According to foreign media reports, Evatran is a focus on wireless charging technology supply company, before the introduction of exclusive Tesla MODEL S wireless charging technology. According to reports, Evatran provides wireless charging system, wireless sensor 7.2 kwh per hour, enough to ensure the daily charge of MODEL S. From the video data at present overseas media release, Evatran wireless charging system, similar to a large disc, can be used in indoor and outdoor. Prices, the current release of information from the point of view, the price of about $2, or about 16595 yuan. Costs include installation and three years warranty. At present, the system can only serve MODEL S models. Future or will launch X and other models.   相关的主题文章: