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Parenting First of all, it matters what a close bond means to you. Does it mean sharing dreams? Chatting? Being able to vent to each other? Or does it just mean hanging out? Maybe it is all of this and more. A good place to start is looking at the things you TOTALLY loved about your bonding with your Mom and Dad. My Mom and I sat on the sofa each morning and smoked cigarettes together- ick, except for the bonding that it was. I learned a lot from those mornings with my unconventional Mom, like how to be cool with my son, how to have casual conversation, and how it felt to be included in an adult world. She also did a lot for me, like sewing all my clothes to keep up with the popular girls and wear something new each day- this was meaningful for me and miraculous given that I was the oldest of 4. Maybe your weirdest memories are some your best because you can summon the essence of what you loved and translate it to your now. We really arent an apron-wearing, cookie-baking generation; we are something different. And not all mothers are created equal. (Like I never was a soccer mom, and although I did attend the events and I tried, I just never did blend with the mini-van sect- we were oil and water, I suppose.) But Mark and I watched movies ad nauseam, hung out, voiced our wildest dreams daily, and thus established a habit we still keep, but not daily anymore because hes 33, lives 3,000 miles away and is the fab husband and father of 3. Somehow, through my Moms very unconventional bonding techniques, I developed my own meaningful ones with Mark- and they REALLY worked. We are very close. Im always the 2nd person to get breaking revelations, news, dreams and streams-of-consciousness, after his wife, Sarah, of course. We sky dived. We Alaskan cruised (and sat in our cabin watching Crouching Tiger over and over). We created memories. What memories are you creating with your child? I invite you to a complimentary teleclass, How To Create Your Own Lasting Bond with Your Child on Wednesday, January 13 at NOON PDT for 30 minutes of creativity and inspiration- something to catch on your lunch break. Register to get the replay for later. Click here to register. Aloha, Lorraine Pursell, The Parent Mentor, About the Author: 相关的主题文章: